Rapidly becoming a master herbalist

Posted: January 23, 2012 in Cannabis Medicine
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So back in the day I smoked pot … but just a little … because “my” day was in the 70s and I was in those discos every night.  There was nothing about me that wanted to be mellow.  But now … ahhhhhh now … that’s an entirely different story!  I have learned so much about the history of cannabis, how it was in all the pharmacies up until the 1930s, and how the cannabis prohibition has so improperly maligned this healing herb.  I am a retired military officer … not a stoner … and cannabis is one of my medicines of choice for so many things.  Nausea?  Check.  Appetite?  Check.  Fear?  Check.  Insomnia?  Check.  But that’s just symptom relief.  Stay tuned and learn some of the amazing things I have learned about this plant and how synergistic it is with our bodies, by design.


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