What I Believe … and it expands every other day!

Posted: January 23, 2012 in Spiritual/Emotional/Energetic
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I am a born-again Christian, and I still am.  However, my former “God only works through this” or “God will only do this, this, and this” mentality has fallen away like a snake sheds its skin.  I have taken God out of the box I had Him neatly tucked away and given Him the freedom to work in my life, in whatever paradigm He chooses.

  1. D'Ann says:

    I so totally identify with the ‘taking God out of the box’ thang!

    I love your blog, Melissa! I can’t wait to read future installments, especially since I’m convinced of the healing power of cannibis and – aside from collecting information – still incredibly ignorant of what it’s like to use it as medicine.

    Thanks for sharing your learning curve and experiences!!

  2. Well, I guess it IS a little eclectic … cancer, God and weed! 🙂 Hope to have some other of my cannabis friends start chiming in here so we can really talk about using it as medicine. 🙂

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