In a very unusual way

Posted: January 24, 2012 in Cannabis Medicine
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Due to my ever-worsening cancer symptoms, which were mainly in my abdomen, I had totally lost my appetite.  This had been slowly going on for quite some time, but it had finally hit critical mass.  We were on vacation in San Francisco, and I was carrying about seven liters of ascites fluid in my belly (that I endearingly termed cancer juice).  For those who are unfamiliar, this is a fluid that comes off of certain abdominal cancers and it fills in your abdominal space until you look pregnant.  But boy, did I ever learn how helpful those pregnancy hormones were to a body to be able to stretch like that.  I didn’t have that luxury this time!

My homegrown

Anyway, we were eating at a place on Fisherman’s Wharf.  I ordered crab, my very favorite thing.  After only a few bites, I just couldn’t eat it.  Didn’t want it.  Had no appetite so it just didn’t even taste good.  When my husband saw that, he realized we had a much bigger problem than we thought.  For me not to be able to eat crab, I must be sick!  We lived in California at the time, and I was already retired from the military, so he asked me if I had considered trying pot.  OMG NO!!!!!!  I despised feeling that way back in the day.  Well, of course … as I said before, I was in the discos all night back in the day and I didn’t like that feeling one bit.  So of course, I objected.  But I knew, as well as he did, that something had to be done … so I made an appt right away with a doctor to get legal.  No sooner did I have that piece of paper in my hand than I was trotting down to the nearest dispensary … well, maybe not trotting … maybe it was more like sitting in the passenger seat with my swollen feet on the dashboard, and waddling in when we got there.  But anyway, I came out of there with a few different strains after being just amazed at how things had changed since my last experience with weed!  I mean, this place was like walking into a bar, complete with “bud”tenders waiting to fill your order.  Since I knew nothing about nothing, I asked him to educate me and school was in session.

Now, having been away from such things for 20+ years, I discovered the botanists had been hard at work in my absence!  There were so many strains to choose from and each of them felt just a little bit different.  I had no tolerance at all, so tentatively took a puff or two.  After nearly coughing up a lung, I got hungry alright!  But I quickly realized if this was going to be part of my daily life, I would have to stop that smoking business.  That’s when I learned about vaporizers.  Oh what a difference they make!  No carcinogens, so efficient, and very smooth.  Not to mention, no smoke and no nasty smells in your house.  I’ll post a vaporizer post before long and show you pics of my babies.

So from despising the feeling of that plant, and believing it was ultimately harmful, in a very unusual way I have become a total cannabis advocate!  In the posts to come, I will show you how I went from one extreme to the other.  Can’t believe I actually stood in front of other peoples’ children (in high schools) and told them this was bad for you.  Thank you, DARE!  But now I know better!  And if you’ll keep an open mind, and stick with me,  you will too by the time we’re done.  🙂


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