In a purple haze … from my Purple Days

Posted: January 26, 2012 in Breast Cancer, Cannabis Medicine
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I got tired of being knocked to that drooly, fetal position by that Extreme and the lengthy warm-up time.  Then, God bless him, a guy spoke up on that vaporizer website and told me that what I needed was a Purple Days.  It was designed to stay plugged in 24/7, so was perfect for a medical user.  Plus it delivered small hits so it would be perfect for me.  And was he ever right!  This thing took me six … yes six … weeks to get but it was worth every day of that arduous wait.  It changed everything!  It is a handmade, beautiful piece.  Very warm and inviting.  Sadly, Purple Days is no longer in business, as I just discovered.  I am taking a moment of silence in memoriam of an incredible, and lovingly made, vaporizer.  OK that’s done now.  But fear not, loyal readers!  If you want a piece like this sitting in your living room, there are alternatives to be had, I also just discovered.  The Extreme, that I wrote about yesterday, is known as a whip vape because of the silicone tube through which the vapor moves.  These little beauties are known as log vapes for the obvious reason.  Here are the ones I just learned about.  There is the Aromazap that looks identical to what you see here.   And then there is the Underdog.  This little beauty comes in all different shapes and sizes and woods.  Very unique and cool looking, but I have no idea how well it works. The vaporizer website I posted yesterday has threads on each of these, so you can learn about peoples’ experiences with them.  And last, but not least (so far as I know), is the Toasty Top.  It kind of looks like it sounds … shaped like a wooden spinning top.

Again, for the medical user, these are sublime.  My husband doesn’t have nearly as much tolerance as I do, so he’s really enjoying this Days.  Just too bad that when it wears out, instead of a repair job, it’ll be time to replace it.  A sad day that will be, indeed.  Ode to my Days … has given me some really good Daze!  Rest in peace.


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