But what if you’re not at home?

Posted: January 28, 2012 in Breast Cancer, Cannabis Medicine
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Magic Flight Launch Box

We have talked about two different types of vaporizers so far but both of them require an electrical cord.  The Purple Days (rest in peace) had an automobile adapter but I don’t know if the others do or not.  Now, before I go any further, I do not … I repeat, not endorse driving while consciously altered in any way.  So don’t go getting high and driving.

But when you’re in the passenger seat and you need appetite or relief, this little baby is the way to roll.  It’s called a Magic Flight Launch Box and it is stealth, stealth, stealth.  It requires no power supply except for a rechargeable AA battery.  The batteries and a charger come with it.  But it fits in the palm of your hand and puts out so little vapor there’s no smell at all (I know this from a bathroom stall or two).  Perfect for camping trips and other times when you’re without a private electrical outlet.  I mean look … how close to nature can you get, anyway? Chipmunks even dig them!

Chipmunk and Launch Box

The pic to the left was taken at my favorite lake where the chipmunks love us dearly, as you can see. But I dug this picture where it looks like the chipmunk vaped, then got the munchies.

So what’s the big deal about vaporizing anyway?  People have been passing around a pipe, in a gesture of community, for eons. But now we know that when we combust a plant and inhale it into our lungs, the charred material can be carcinogenic.  So since it’s part of my daily life, I don’t take any chances.  When you vaporize, you don’t set the plant on fire.  The plant material is in a bowl that is held up next to a heat source.  When you inhale, it draws air through that heat source, where the air is heated to somewhere between 275 and 375 degrees.  Then, while you are inhaling, that hot air travels through the plant material and heats it up so you get pure cannabinoid vapor … not smoke and no carcinogens. The result is a much cleaner experience … smoother and easier to inhale … and the head buzz is much cleaner too, if you care about such things.  I didn’t like the muddled, paranoid feeling that smoking gave me.  I haven’t felt paranoid one single time since I’ve been using weed medically … and I think it’s because I’m vaporizing instead of smoking.  For the past couple of days, I haven’t posted, so I’ve been remiss on my educational foray into cannabis.  So here’s a little info as to why vaporizing is better for you than smoking, if you want to inhale on a regular basis.

This particular vaporizer is also primo for those who don’t have a very large tolerance to the plant.  It delivers delicate hits, but make no mistake … it definitely does the job.  And it has a lifetime warranty on it.  Ever stops working and can’t be fixed, they’ll just send you a new one.

Now if you do wind up with one of these little babies, there are a couple of handy tips to know.  First, the more finely ground your meds are, the better it will work for you.  So grind well before you load the trough.  And your inhalations should be itty bitty, teeny little sips of vapor.  Take a couple of those little sips, then pour the material back out into the palm of your hand.  Crunch it up with your fingers so it turns to powder, then put it back in and it will work really well for you.


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