Now I had been using pot medicinally for only a few months when something crossed my radar.  I don’t rightly know where it even came from, but I’m learning that’s how it works.  God (I call Him God and it’s easier to type, so that’s how I’ll keep it.  You can feel free to translate into your preferred reference) drops something randomly on you but only when He knows you’re ready for it.  I saw this video and I can’t even remember whether I found it on a website or someone suggested it to me in a email, but it sounded like a bunch of bunk and waaaaay too good to be true! It is called Run From the Cure. Catchy name, huh?  And pretty appropriate for where I was in my life at the time.  I wanted nothing to do with their cure.  I was running as fast as I knew how.  I took the time to watch it but it was pot, for crying out loud … and it took a pound of pot to make a batch.  God knows where I would get that or how I would afford it.  And the video kept stressing how dangerous the process was, so I pretty much ruled it out at that point.

But months later, after I’d started using medical cannabis, it came across my radar again.  Now I was ready for it.  Now I was open to it.  Now I was intrigued and interested.  I couldn’t believe that anyone would claim that marijuana cured their cancer and thought that, if that were true, there would be way more stoners in the world today because they wouldn’t be dying of disease.  I contacted the organization and was told of a person who could make the oil for me.  They have since stopped doing that.  But I contacted this person and purchased my first batch of cannabis oil.

I started with a dose no larger than half the size of a grain of rice, as the instructions directed.  This stuff was certainly not what I expected when I thought of oil.  It was really more like so-green-it’s-almost-black axle grease.  And the taste? Aaaaaacccckkkkkkkkk!  Vile … in my opinion anyway.  So I always recommend folks to purchase a digital postal scale so you know exactly how much you are taking.  And purchase some Now brand #3 veggie caps to put it in because, trust me, you do not want a big dollop of this stuff lingering in your mouth.  You’ll be looking like a dog trying to swallow peanut butter trying to get that thick coating of nastiness off your tongue!

You do this several times a day, for a few days, then increase the dose.  You keep at it until you are able to ingest 1 gram of oil per day.  That process usually takes two to three weeks to build up to therapeutic dose.  I was rapidly becoming emaciated due to the cachexia process, which is typically considered the end.  But that oil immediately put 13 much-needed pounds on me.  My oncologist was so impressed he was considering sending some of his other patients my way so I could point them to some oil because even he admitted he couldn’t do much about cachexia.  But the first 60 days came and went and I still had cancer. On the other hand, my insomnia was a thing of the past.  I didn’t spend my days focused on a cancer death any more.  And if that was all there was … if all it did was make me gain weight, sleep, and not be so terrorized, that was worth its weight in gold alone.  But then there was the research …. oh how, with all the reading about alternative cancer cures, did this escape me all this time?

Again, I truly believe that we are only given info as we can handle it.  When this crossed my path before, I was nowhere near ready to even consider it, much less do it.  And despite all the research I was doing every day, I was not seeing the research I’m seeing now.  And it was there all along.  Just not in view to me.  But that’s one of the things I’ve learned and, just recently, it has brought me much comfort.  When things get uncomfortable, all I have to do is stay open and relax.  The bread crumb trail has not been visible in the distance for me.  It’s only as I turn a corner that the next bread crumb appears.  Kind of as the Bible refers to “a lamp unto my feet.”  That would only light the path ahead for a single step.  You would not see the whole road.  Just the path that is directly before you.  So you take the step … and the next step becomes visible.

  1. Carol says:

    I’m just speechless…had no idea so many people were getting symptom relief and/or cancer cures from hemp. The latter has me stumped & I would like further proof of those claims to fully buy into it. One can only this is possible. But to help with all those other symptoms, it jsut makes me wish this oil could be mass-produced & sold legally…I think its time!

    Loved your Bible refernce Melissa, and the parallel with the path you are taking one step at a time.

    Best wishes,

    • Carol, for further proof is on this very page. Right above you. Click on Granny’s Cannabis Research List and scroll down to whatever cancer du jour you wanna know about. And I know many who have had many cures. I have a dear friend who needed chemo for his Hep C and the oil healed his liver to where he no longer needs treatment. Skin cancers are a piece of cake! In fact, I will add to my Resources list a video of this oil curing skin cancer. Pretty damn impressive. I’ll get it up there by mid day.

  2. Colleen says:

    Love the blog

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