It was about this time I was reading on the CancerCured forum and there was a discussion on energy healers … are they real or not?  One woman had replied that a man named Kurt Peterson had saved her life and that I could read about him on CancerTouch, his website.  She had lung cancer.  I emailed and asked her if she would be willing to share her experience, cuz I needed help fast, especially seeing what ascites means!  She sent me her phone number, I called, and we chatted about him and her experience with him for a couple of hours.  When she first went to him, she was on oxygen and not able to do much.  Only a month after treatment, she was outside helping her husband move rock, which is a major miracle.  She just couldn’t talk about him enough.  Now, he don’t come cheap, but he was going to be in Vegas just a month away, and those sessions were subsidized by CancerTouch and the proceeds were going to charity, so they were discounted. He just happened to have one slot left.  Just another coincidence?  SOLD!

We headed to Vegas on Aug 2.  Vincent was laughing at me.  His scientific mind just couldn’t allow for something so woo woo.  What kind of energy?  How is it quantified?  Lord, I doanno!!!!  But something in me … that intuition that was beginning to take hold … said, screw it!  Let’s do it!  Vegas was a gambling town after all, wasn’t it?  So off we went, to the Luxor, to meet Mr Kurt Peterson.

One doesn’t really know what to expect an energy healer to look like.  Louis was kind of a hippy sort of guy … bandana-ed and barefoot … a free spirit.  This guy looked like my doctor!  He wore dress pants and a freshly pressed, button-down shirt and stood well over six feet tall.  A very engaging man, Kurt immediately put us at ease.  He sat us down in his suite, offered us coffee/tea/water and then we spent the first hour just chatting and getting to know each other.  Next I undressed to my undies, wrapped myself in a blanket, and spent the rest of the day on a cot in his suite, while my husband hung out with us.  The first thing he did was to “scan” me starting with my feet and working his way up to my head, one inch at a time.  Kurt can “see” the difference between cancerous and healthy tissue, so I say he’s a sort of human thermogram.  He sees cancerous tissue as one color and healthy tissue as another.  Anyway, that process took about an hour while he scanned and took notes.  Afterward, he reviewed with us what he had found.  It was pretty widespread throughout my abdomen and skeleton, which I already knew.

Then we went to work.  My only job was to lie there relaxed while he put his hands on the spots that needed his attention.  While Reiki energy is a light, balancing energy, this is a whole different animal.  I compare Kurt’s style of work with gamma knife radiation.  He can send energy right to the spot and zap it.  He talks about in his early days when he could send the energy, but he had no control of where it went … how deep or how shallow.  But then a Peruvian shaman mentor of his taught him how to send it to a specific depth in the body and no deeper.  He said that’s when things really changed in his practice and took his ability to help others to a different level.  He worked his way through all my hot spots, which took about an hour-and-a-half, then we took a break.  We repeated this sequence several times … until the areas in question had heated up to let him know they had had enough.  That took about eight hours total.  We broke every hour or so and had a very nice lunch in the suite together.

As I said earlier, I don’t feel energy going through me, so I had no way of knowing what had happened, or didn’t happen.  Except that we went down for dinner and, by about 7, I felt like I was going to fall asleep at the table.  I told John I needed to get back to the room.  I was dead asleep by 9:00, which is crazy for me as I don’t sleep well at all.  I slept until wee hours when I was awakened by intense abdominal spasming.  It finally subsided and I had planned to do a little shopping before we headed home the next day.  But I felt like I had been taking narcotics that whole day.  I didn’t shop one iota.  All I did was lie on the bed, watch tv, and sleep.  So while I had no idea what had just happened to me, something sure had upset my apple cart!

The next day we drove back to California and I felt fine from that point on.   The following week, I had my ascites fluid drained (paracentesis).  They sucked seven litres of fluid out of my belly and I was instantly 15 pounds lighter!  Hey, there’s a quick weight-loss regimen … 15 pounds in an hour!

You already know how end-stage ascites is considered.  Well here’s another factoid … you drain it and it comes right back.  Immediately.  This was the second time I had had this procedure and the first time, it was all back in place within 48 hours.  Not this time.  Two days came and went … no fluid.  A week … two … four … no fluid!  I knew I was on the right track. I had my labs drawn and my markers had dropped by half!!!!!  Oh my freakin heavens!!!  I had had nothing but numbers going up, up, up for the past two years!  And now?  This man puts his hands on me for 8 hours and bingo?  This was the first break I’d had in the cancer action.  This dropping continued thru the beginning of 2010.  All of my numbers had dropped into normal limits except for one.  And it was only 3 points out of range.  Kurt Peterson saved my life!  If there is any doubt about the legitimacy of energy healing, I’m here to tell you, it’s real.  At least in Kurt’s case.  If not for him, I would’ve passed in late 2009 or early 2010.  In February 2010, we trekked, once again, to Vegas to see Kurt because I was so close to remission and I was starting to stagnate just outside of remission.  He wanted to see if we could finish this thing off.  After my second treatment, some markers went up while others went down, so there was not much response at all that time.  But I was still pretty stable all the way through till May 2010.  I have affectionately named his modality “Kurtotherapy,” and let me tell you, it’s a damn sight easier than chemotherapy!

Of course, there are those to whom this may all seem like placebo.  I’ve heard that before.  But the only thing I have to say about that is placebo is based on belief in the modality.  I believed in Budwig.  I believed in everything I did with Vincent.  But nothing had made a dent until this.  Not the supplements, healing teas, cancer vaccines, trips to Mexico, nor the nutrition.  Sure they had done me good.  But they hadn’t stopped the big wheel from turning.  Ding, ding, ding … another big clue in my world.


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