Once I returned home, it was not without complication.  I got home on a Monday night and Tuesday morning I realized my NG tube had not been suctioning out my stomach.  Knowing that vomiting around a tube in your throat is excruciating, I did not want that to happen again.  After 24 hours of no suction, we ran off to the emergency room to try to find out why. Several xrays and adjustments later, we knew the problem.  When they put my first tube in, they didn’t put it in far enough. This time, they had put it in too far and it lay coiled in the bottom of my stomach, not sucking out anything. Grrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrr!!!!  Finally I had a tube that worked again.

Kurt Peterson and CancerTouch had become old friends of mine by this time.  Quite some time prior to my little luxury resort vacay at Memorial Hospital, Kurt had brought in another energy healer, Kris Kraft, to his practice.  Kurt spoke extremely highly of Kris and together they worked on many.  When I first started working with Karen Korona, I did see Kurt one more time, and this time with no results.  So at that point, we thought that possibly my cancer had developed a resistance to Kurt’s particular gift.  I mean, it can develop resistance to any drug we throw at it.  Why couldn’t it respond the same to the same energy over and over?

Anyway, at this point, Kurt felt that if any energy healer in the world could help me, it would be Kris.  So we had arranged for Kris to work on me in San Francisco the end of May.  But then I was hospitalized, so that changed everything.  Now we weren’t even sure if I would still be here come the end of May and we knew if I was, I sure wouldn’t be able to travel.  So God bless Kurt and Kris … they arranged to have Kris come to me.  Now usually we go to the healer’s environment for work … to his suite or whatever.  But I had my NG tube, my IV nutrition bag, and all sorts of apparatuses to accommodate them.  Mercifully, Kris offered that if John could come pick him up, he would be willing to work on me in our home.  Done deal!  We could just have my neighbor come over and sit with me while John transported him back and forth.

On May 2, I met Mr Kris Kraft who was, at that time, still with CancerTouch.  Can you see how blessed I’ve been?  God has put such incredible people in my path.  Can you see the tapestry unfolding?  Is the chaos starting to look a little more like a work of art?  Sure is to me!  I later found out that Kris reported I probably only had a couple of weeks left at that point if something didn’t change.

He works very differently than Kurt, but the two of them are an imposing pair.  Kurt is blonde and over 6′.  Kris is brunette and 6’7″!    The towering team, right?  Anyway, he pulled up a chair at my bedside and we chatted for a bit.  He would gently put his hands on me and run energy.  Then he would stop and kind of just gaze for a few minutes.  Then he would start asking questions and making suggestions of a more emotional nature.  For Kris, it’s not enough to just kill cancer.  You have got to get to the source.  I have always believed this.  Killing the cancer is all well and good, but if you don’t fix the problem at the root, that cancer will grow right back.  I already expressed how I believe that, for me, cancer has a huge emotional component.  So this really resonated with me.

He spoke to me about my body image and my inner child.  He made suggestions of books that might be enlightening for me. And all the while, he ran energy.  He was a polar opposite of Kurt, who has a more “scientific,” if you will, approach to energy healing … just the facts, Jack.  While Kris goes to a psychological level while addressing the physical.

Kris no longer works alongside Kurt.  He has branched out on his own and is doing a lot of work in Europe as well as the US.

  1. Kevin Edwards says:

    I have tried to contact Kris Kraft a couple of times though his website but have never heard back. Do you know of a better way to contact him?

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