Once again, I had come so very close to achieving remission … only one marker out of limits.  And then they started inching up again.  I went back to Vegas to see Kurt Peterson on Dec 3 for our fourth session together.  When Kurt examined me, he said there were tumors in all eight lobes of my liver, small intestine and spine.  There were some in my sacrum and pelvic girdle, but they’re not life-threatening.  The most important thing, right now, is the liver.  So he worked hard on that, the small intestine, and three spots on the spine.

I had a PET CT scan a month later and, compared to last spring, there was one helluva lot less cancer than there had been. My spine was clear and, of all the tumors I had on my liver, there was only one left.    A month later, none of that was there except one lesion in the liver.  But the downside to that is that one of my markers quadrupled within that same month.  So, as usual, a mixed bag of tricks in my results.  One thing looks really good and the other looks really bad.

Now, there is something that most alternative folks know about and, I would assume, many medical folks, but I never hear them mention this.  It’s called tumor die-off.  When cancer dies in your body, where do you think those dead cells go?  Into your bloodstream and lymphatic system to be processed out of your body.  If you kill it too fast, and your body can’t clear it quickly enough (and this applies to other conditions too), you may hit what is called a Herxheimer reaction or healing crisis. You pretty much get laid up with headaches, flu-like symptoms, etc.  And your markers can jump.  So I am, at this very moment, waiting for lab results that will tell me if that number jump was a die-off or if it is progression.  I am also packing for a trip to Georgia to the Immune Recovery Center.  There, I will be doing insulin potentiation therapy (IPT), IV Vitamin C, cesium chloride, and God only knows what else.  But the reason I’ve been writing so hard and fast, for the past week, is to bring the breast cancer journey up to present so I can write about my experiences there while they’re happening.

I’m really excited.  There are several places in the US that do IPT and immune therapies, but this one came across my radar in that magical way that I know something is meant to be.  Out of nowhere.  It was in a post in a group of which I’m a member and it was by a woman who had been to a similar clinic and was posting about her experience.  She said she had found out about this one in GA about three weeks into her treatment in NV.  The one in GA bills Medicare which the others do not do.  So it cuts my out-of-pocket expenses in half.  I had been considering doing something like this for quite some time. But why would I say that this was magical?  Because of the timing.    Disease is just starting to show signs of being on the move again and I will have a much better chance of kicking ass early on than if I let myself get in the shape I was in this time last year.  

I also think its magical because I had never even heard of this clinic before and I’d been aware of the others for years.  So here this one came, out of the blue.  It also happens to be 30 minutes from my brother/sister-in-law so we’ll get to stay with
family … and they have a huge house so we can bring my beloved companion sister doggies.  My cousin, whom I haven’t seen since I was a teenager, also lives there and another cousin four hours away.  That will be an awesome reunion!  And two other old friends, each of whom live in different directions, but still only a four-hour drive.  Everything is just dropping into place and that’s how it rolls with it’s the right path, I have discovered.  When something is meant to be in my life, it just all fits just like it’s supposed to.

So stay tuned for more big adventures in cancerland starting next week with my test results and then, a week later when I’m embarking on this new chapter.  But in the meanwhile, I will be catching you up on the other aspects of my story that intertwine so intimately with this cancer experience.

We’re getting ready to get back to all that cannabis stuff for a minute where I will be sharing with you the scientific stuff I have learned about it, its interactions in the human body, and why it is a  not just a way to get wasted, though like all such substances, can definitely be abused … but is, indeed, a medicinal herb.  My chemotherapy was made from diterpenes from the yew tree … that’s natural … and deadly.  Did you know that cannabis cannot kill you, no matter how much you take?  Do you know why?  More good times to come!

  1. Lynne says:

    I’m so eager to hear about your adventures in Georgia. BTW, you are such a good writer. Have you written professionally?

    Interesting about the liver. I guess that’s the first place that gets hit with all the die-off products from dead cells. Is that the Gerson reasoning for the coffee enemas? To flush the liver so it can process the dead debris?


    • You betcha! The liver is everything. But so strange that with so much nasty stuff going on in my liver I never felt any pain or numbers never skyrocketed. Sure caught me off guard!

      Yes, I have written professionally. I was, once upon a time, an internationally published USMC photojournalist. 🙂 Trained by the finest, oooohrah!

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