And they’re off!

Posted: February 12, 2012 in Breast Cancer
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Finally!  After so much waiting, planning, and wishing the day would arrive, it arrived at last!  But man, oh man, it was a doozy of a day!  First of all, my best friend was by herself at the hospital with a son who was suddenly having seizures.  This was the culmination of a week-and-a-half of being misdiagnosed and she was beside herself.

Travelin' Dawgs

She has been my sister for years.  We go back almost 15 years and we are pretty much connected at the hip.  She has always been there for me, even being my CNA when I needed home care.  And now she needed me … and I was leaving her here by heself with this. This upset me greatly, so I was already emotional.

Then the hubby started packing the car and, when it was time for me to bring the girl dogs out to load up, they had about half the back seat.  Well they’re small so they don’t take much room, but I had harnesses and seat belts for them.  Since they’re my family, I value their safety as much as I do my own.  Already being emotional, of course this just sent me through the roof.

My poor husband had worked his ass off getting his school caught up and getting things packed up for this major trip and here I was having a come apart.  I felt like he had not heard me for the weeks leading up to this … that he just had not taken the time to consider the dogs.  And the depth of my feelings for them. So now I felt like I was forced, at the last minute, to take a risk I was not willing to take.  Between typical delays and my hollering about that for a bit, we wound up leaving like two hours late, which was just another pisser.  Oh yeah, and the hour of time change for which we had not planned.

Winter in Colorado ... or Kansas?

Then there was the weather. Blowing snow for the majority of the way through Colorado but the roads were fine.  Near the Kansas border, we broke out of that, but I can’t say it was an awesome drive.  Just prairies and grain fields. Ugh!  Finally, physically and emotionally exhausted, I dragged my four girls and hubby into the motel in Topeka.

Now I’ve gotta get up and get out of here.  Paducah is calling … that’s the spot for tonight.

  1. lynne says:

    So glad your girls are along. They’re so cute but I can’t tell where one ends and tother begins. What an adventure. Looks like you kids are the only ones on the snowy road. You have my love and support! Hang tough, you are my soldier hero 🙂

    • I know! They’re so funny … They look like one creature with four heads! Lol. As for the roads, we’re the only ones crazy or desperate enough to do it! Lol. Thank you! One more travel day!

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