The psychoactivity of THC is a hindrance for many. Though you can work your way into tolerance and past the high, there will be many “uh oh” moments despite the most careful dosing and that can be very inconvenient, say, behind the wheel of a car.

But THC is only one cannabinoid. There are hundreds of cannabinoids in the cannabis plant. Another one that is showing much promise in research is called cannabadiol (CBD) and is the anti-THC in every way. It has absolutely no psychoactive properties. When you ingest it, you might feel like you need a nap. My eyelids would get tired and heavy like I wanted to rub them, but my head was totally coherent! It was just freaky and amazing.

Dr Manuel Guzman, from Spain, has done some excellent work researching CBD and glioma. You see, cannabinoids cross the blood-brain barrier … that pesky little thing that makes most cancer drugs powerless. And CBD seems to show a particular affinity for getting there. Breast cancer (ding ding ding) is another one for which CBD seems to be effective.

Most recently, I did a run with an oil that was testing out at 30% THC and 30% CBD. Alas, for me it wasn’t the magic bullet but I still take a good 1/2gm each night because after all the research I’ve read on it, and my knowledge of the endocannabinoid system, I just believe in it. Period. I honestly believe it is one of the reasons I am still alive to even write this blog.

Here are a couple more articles for you to read about CBD and how much good it does for us … without the high:

  1. lynne says:

    Great updates, Mel. I look forward to your adventures and reporting. I especially liked today’s subject about “the anti THC.” I’ve never heard this phrase before so I hope you will publish this again and in other places.

    How are you doing in Georgia?

    • So glad you asked! Did you know they use IPT to potentiate medication for other conditions than cancer? Yeah, Lyme being one of them. They claim to have great success with Lyme disease here. And there’s a gal getting IV DMSO as her potentiated drug, along with some other things, for fibromyalgia. Pretty interesting.

  2. Sandra says:

    Mel, you said that the oil you took tested at 30% THC and 30 CBD, but this is what JB, Rick’s colleague wrote on the Rick Simpson Facebook page recently:

    ‘The most potent oil reported to me personally so far was 97.6% THC and extremely potent and sedative. I have seen reports of other cannabis extracts with 97-98% THC, too.

    So, oils with 95-98% THC can be produced if the instructions are followed. The most important thing for the success is proper starting material (extremely potent and sedative, preferably with 20% THC or more) and a good solvent which will not strip plant materials – we recommend pure light naphtha in Canada. ‘

    So the oil you ingested really seems not have been potent enough. :/

    Maybe you should try with a more potent oil again? Much more potent. Like, closer to 97% THC and I don’t know about CBD, but that should be higher too I guess.

    • I have made oil for several years now. I have always used material that was 20% at LEAST. More like 25%. And I can tell you, without an extra process, you cannot turn 25% weed into 90+% oil. I am not new to this at all … and as for needing more than 60 grams, up until 18 months ago, I took a gram a day from 1/1/09 up until then. So let’s see … that’s 365 grams each year. So thanks, but it just isn’t meant for this oil to be the end-all, be-all. But I do credit it for my still being here. Thank you though!

      • Sandra says:

        Yeah, but I meant he said that one should take as much as 180 grams within two (or three, I’m not sure) months! That would be more like 365 grams in 4/6 months. Just sayin’ :). I’m new to all this, I have just recently discovered RSO and the medical cannabis world, so I don’t know much, but noticed while reading your blog that the content has been lower than advised by Rick Simpson and J. Bayer.

        I hope you are doing better and I am praying that God heals you, cannabis or not, and men-made meds or not. He has the power to do it! May God bless you!

      • Sandra, yes I know that’s what he says. I have gone round and round with his folks for spouting that mess. If he wants us to use meds that are that high, he really should tell us ALL the steps required to get it that high. I am not new to MMJ world at all. Or the cancer world. So if I took a smaller dose (like 365gm in 4/6 months), IF it was killing any cancer, my markers would’ve either stabilized or gone down. If I had taken it faster, they would’ve gone down faster IF it was going to work. They did neither. They only kept rising. But thanks for thinking of me.

  3. Sandra says:

    Oh, and yes, Rick and co. say that one might need as much as 180 grams of oil if they had chemo, radiation, PET scans etc. and take it as quickly as possbile.

    • See last response. 🙂

      • Sandra says:

        They claim that if the recipe is followed and the material is indica bud at least 20 THC that those are the values that will be in the final product for the properly produced oil.

        If you haven’t yet, try eating apricot kernels (B17 as well) :).

        I don’t know if what you wrote has to be true. Maybe your cancer cells are very resistant and they really needed to be hit with 180grams in as little time as possible to show significant improvement.

        I do understand that you might think that there’s no point in trying again, but maybe just give it a little bit more thought. 🙂

        Best wishes and God bless!

      • Sandra, I am telling you I have MADE oil for years. So of course I followed the instructions and it NEVER tested that high. I appreciate your trying to help, but to be so adamant that I don’t know what I’m talking about is not helpful. I DO know what I’m talking about, but thank you anyway. Can we agree to disagree until you have made your own oil and had it tested at that percentage? If you do find that to be the case, please let me know.

        I have had mets for 6 years now and know all the standard alternatives, but laetrile really doesn’t have that great a track record. Again, thanks.

  4. Sandra says:

    Did you get my last message about vitamin D3? If you aren’t taking it, pls go to and read about it. It has helped me personally with immunity issues.

    And again: I am so sorry for upsetting you. That wasn’t my intent. I wish you all the best and I hope that you beat this disease! May God heal you and bless you.

    I’m so sorry if anything I wrote hurt you in any way. I just wanted to share with you what I read having noticed that you took less than suggested.


    • Thank you Sandra. Yes, I know about D3 … as I said this ain’t my first rodeo. I treated this cancer naturally for the first year and a half. But my situation is vastly complex, with numerous processes going on that could kill me besides the cancer, so I do get a little irritated when I have to keep repeating myself. Especially when someone who isn’t walking this path tosses out simplistic “cures” as though it is just that easy. If it was, I probably would never have started this blog because I would never have metastasizes. Unfortunately, it just didn’t work that way for me. I sure wish a few drops of Vit D3 would do the trick and I wouldn’t have to do chemo. Again, thanks.

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