First round: Moi!

Posted: February 22, 2012 in Breast Cancer
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I had my second round of cytokine injections yesterday and my first lymphatic massage.  That was pretty wild.  I’m familiar with dry skin brushing and the butterfly touch of lymph massage, but this was done with a machine with gas-filled tubes.  She just laid the tubes where congestion was detected until the congestion cleared.  I will get one of these each week as well as one standard massage.

Now surely y’all know me well enough by now to know that this week has not gone smoothly.  It has been one heckuva rough start with a huge lack of information/communication around here.  And those of you who know me know that does not fly!  I need information and I need lots of it.  Don’t be hanging IV bags on my pole and not explain everything about them, what they’re designed to do’ and what they will feel like in my body.  And what could possibly go wrong.  Anyway, the general consensus is that they are fully competent, but overworked.  Plus they know what they’re doing and assume we know they know what they’re doing which, in my experience, is never a safe assumption to make!  Needless to say, I have been called to the principle’s office on more than one occasion!

In the process of yesterday’s “counseling session,” we did review my first week’s lab results.  My CA 27-29, a breast cancer blood serum marker, was 97 the day I arrived here.  As of Monday, it was 84.  A drop of 13 points before we even started chemo and cytokines!  All I had had was the IVC, cesium, colloidal silver, and UDA.  There’s a good possibility I will see them rise again, in the next couple of weeks, due to tumor die-off from the chemo.  But the initial results, despite the rocky road it has started off to be, are totally acceptable to me!

  1. Lynne says:

    Great news! I can understand you want to know every detail. I would be the same way.
    These reports are really informative. Keep ’em coming.

    Is there any way you can set up some of these IVs at home when you get back?

    • Yes, there are a couple of local spots I might can get my tune-ups for the IPT. But there are places that know “about” IPT and there are places that “know” IPT. So I’ll have to see what they know there and what they don’t know. One thing they do here, that I don’t think they do anywhere else, is the cytokine therapy, so I would have to come back here to do that. If I do have to come back here for that, then I might as well do the IPT then. So we’ll see how I respond first … let’s not get TOO jiggy with it! ;P

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