I promised an update … and now that I’m out from under the contract at the old place, and locked into one at the new place, I can sing like a bird.

Last week, on the day I had that horrible experience of my last blog post, a new patient came in at the tail end of that fiasco. Her name is Maria and she is a gorgeous, strong woman who has her own ND practice. She also has breast cancer. She walked right in and asked the room, “Is anyone here doing IPT?” I knew from that that she was just as vocal and opinionated as I am. I thought to myself … this should be an interesting week once she gets to know this place. I was absolutely right. She had just as much trouble in that front office as I did. By the end of the week, she was telling him, professional to professional, how messed up it was there. She went running back to the clinic from whence she had come: Progressive Medical Center!

This past Wednesday, she texted me from there … “I just got my IVC and it’s clear and has K3 in it without my even having to ask.” I told her there’s no way I could afford it. She said to just come by that she would put in a good word for me with the owner. So we did. OMG, that place was just as amazing as I had thought it would be. Instead of looking like a third world clinic, it was really nice, but of course it is … they do accept insurance, but not Medicare. We asked if we could take a look around and talk to someone about what they had to offer and pricing. They put us in a room to wait for Dr Agolli, the owner. He is an NMD/PhD and he came in and we started chatting. He listened to us, considered our story and then had someone show us around. The place was so amazing. They have the infusion area, which I am familiar with … but then they have so much more I just couldn’t believe it. All kinds of frequency devices, hyperbaric oxygen, ozone, the list just goes on and on in comparison to the other place.

I was sold on the facility, but more importantly, I liked the feel of the place. The people there were all upbeat and laughing … truly enjoying each other, both staff and patients alike. The next thing that got my attention was when we were back in Dr Agolli’s office and I told him that I had had a drop in numbers the first week, at the other place, with no cytokines or chemo at all. He raised his eyebrows and said, “Well why didn’t they just try that for another week without chemo? You might not even need chemo at all.” That had been my exact thought. So he told us to come back the next day to meet with him and another NMD, Dr Burdette.

We did and everything sounded great … the treatment plan and all … but I knew they were going to break my heart as soon as we started talking money. Unfortunately, it had taken us seven full weeks to get over there, and $11k while we were at it. But hey, I’m in the flow and all will be provided, right? Nice thought … but deep down, I didn’t really believe it. So the money numbers started flying and, just as I thought, even with deep discounts, no way we could swing it.

I got upset because of some misunderstandings about the price, and the billing gal went to tell Dr Agolli we needed to talk to him again. While we waited, she came back in. I was crying and this gal put her arm around me and got so close to me, I swear she could’ve kissed me … distinctly uncomfortable, but she was the sweetest thing! She was saying, “Now honey, don’t you cry. Don’t be sad. Dr Agolli is the owner and he’s awesome. He’s gonna work this out for you … don’t you worry.” This from a billing person … and they usually ain’t all sweetness and light! I’m telling you, last week, the nurses walked right past me, crying and shaking, and never even looked at me, much less tried to console me.

I cannot divulge the details of the miracle that came to me that day. But when Dr Agolli came back in, he went through every conceivable option … financing interest-free for a year … but I wasn’t down with doing a few treatments, dying, then leaving my husband to pay for the tx that didn’t work. We talked about the fact that not only is the cancer killing me, the cachexia is racing it to the finish line. He came up with a solution that I can’t even believe. It was truly a miracle … where we are being provided for this time, instead of us providing for someone else. And the price, at least for the next month, is one we can manage.

So we relax this weekend in peace … and look forward to a whole new ball of wax … and a whole new vibe … next week. I guess sometimes, you really do get what you pay for. And sometimes, the miraculous happens and you get help the likes of which you have never experienced.

Thank you to those of you who have been praying for me during this time. Next week, I’ll be right back, right as rain, blogging about this whole new clinic experience! Stay tuned … it’s about to get exciting up in here!

  1. Martine Aerts-Niddam says:

    cannot wait to read more. Miracles do happen!!!!!!!

    They say: God helps those who help themselves…… I think you have indeed done all you can…… XO

  2. I have been praying that God would provide an answer for you. And YES, the miraculous can happen and you get help the likes of which you have never experienced. In my case it was “help in the likes of which I had never even knew to hope for.” Have a wonderful weekend!

    Blessings – Loretta

  3. Kylie says:

    I’m excited for you! Best wishes to you for this new direction! xx (Enjoying your blog from Tasmania in Australia.)

  4. Debbie says:

    Well Melissa, you’re not out yet. There is still hope on the horizon and it sounds like you’re going in the right direction. Sorry you didn’t have a good experience with the first place, but this new one is looking up. Still praying.

  5. brigitte says:

    Melissa…. Melissa … Melissa… I have no words left…

  6. Bryan Ginter says:

    I am the Director of Operations at Progressive Medical Center. I’ve enjoyed reading your blog and would like to publish your testimony.

    Shoot me an email and I will send to you some basic info. To write a review.

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