My first day at Progressive. Got off to a little bit of a slow start because I was an unexpected add-on to their schedule this week. But the vibe here is so wonderful that I couldn’t have cared less! Before long, I was escorted back to my first Hyperbaric Oxygen Therapy (HBOT) session. I spent an hour in the chamber. I guess claustrophobic folks might have trouble with it, but it was much more spacious than, say, an MRI or CT scanner, but it is totally enclosed. There was enough room to where I could almost sit up, so it didn’t feel too enclosed. It was much like being in an airplane in that my ears popped while we were starting up, much like an airplane taking off. Same thing when we were done. Quite nice, really. I just plugged my earbuds into my iPad and listened to Darlene Zschech and had a wonderful time.

When that was over, we were served lunch. The organic chef was wonderful. She had a chicken-based veggie soup on tap and since I have such a hard time with food repulsing me when it’s in my mouth, she pureed it for me and it was so good. I was so happy that, though I couldn’t eat much of it, it wasn’t stressful for me!

Then I went back for my first IVC with them. It was just a small bag, but we will up that probably tomorrow. They had planned for me to have an ozone sauna but then we realized that since my port is going to stay accessed for the week, I couldn’t get in a sauna at all due to the sweat. Can’t get moisture behind that tape. So we figured we could sauna me first thing on Mondays and last thing on Fridays, before the access me and after they de-access me. They wanted three times a week, but two will have to do. Those port needle sticks hurt. And though we could spray some stuff on it to numb it, not real sure how well my skin would hold up, in that one small spot, being accessed all week and stuck 3 times each week. So no, we won’t be going that route. Not as big a wussy as I am!

One of the times I was taken to a different area, the gal was helping me get settled in. I was getting ready to hang my IV bag on the hook and she stopped me. She said I need to slow myself down and let her do it. I started laughing and told her, shoot, I had been traumatized for the past seven weeks where I had to fight for every little thing and hope to God they had it right because I saw them making mistakes all around me all the time. And lest you mistake, that wasn’t because the nurses didn’t know their stuff. It was just that the word had not been passed from on high in time for the nurses to get it done. This place? Oh no. They’re all about keeping you comfortable and keeping your stress levels down. Everyone there just goes out of their way for the patient.

I think it’s so cool that this miracle came through for me and my friend on the week before Jesus took that beating and those nails in His hands for my healing, as well as everything else. How perfectly timed is that? Might not be for everyone, but I love the fact that there is worship music in the infusion room … works for me!

I didn’t really get to look at my protocol today, but I’m supposed to tomorrow, so will have more of a feel what my weeks will look like. So tomorrow I get an IV first thing and we go from there. One of that gals I met at that other place was having just as much trouble there as I was and they weren’t even cutting her a good deal, so I encouraged her to at least have a look at the place. She did last Friday. She was there for treatment today! I had told her it was night and day different … she disagreed. She thought that was an understatement! So here is me in the HBOT chamber this morning. Not a great shot … was a bit dark in there … but hopefully you can see my happy smile!


  1. Jackie Ryan says:

    So so happy for you and excited too, sounds wonderful, not being so stressed is going to be the biggest help to you there, xxx

  2. geniegal says:

    A BIG SMILE.. yes I could see you very well..
    This experience you are having is wonderful…

  3. Denise Barnes says:

    I am glad to hear GOOD news and even more that you are encouraged!!! Ummm what is Ozone Sauna? Sounds like you are definitely feeling like you are getting the attention you should be now.

    I have been also having several people holding you in prayer!!!

    LoveYous and ((HUGE HUG))!!!


    • Ozone saunas are where you sit in a little zip-up sauna with your head out. They run ozone into the sauna … The heat opens up your pores, allowing the ozone to get into the cells and oxygenate the system. Cancer hates an alkaline or oxygenated environment.

      Call me girl … I miss you so much!

      • Denise Barnes says:

        Ah! I am learning new things all the time. Being around you – one can’t help but to pick up on health tips here and there. Even when we lived in Cali you were always conscious of good eating habits etc ;-). Hint hint…you got purpose here girly!!!!! I am going to call you tonight or tomorrow! I haven’t been home (tell you about all that later).


      • Ok @Denise, call! Next thing ya know, 6months will have gone by, lol. This weekend maybe?

  4. Debbie says:

    It is so good to hear that you seem to finally be in a place that is actually helping you and that there are positive things happening:) πŸ™‚ Forgive my ignorance but I forget the name of the place you are at now. Whatever just good to hear some good news.

    • Thank you Debbie! Yeah, this new place is amazing … need to try to get them to open a branch in the Springs or Woodland! Don’t think for one minute that I’m kidding! πŸ™‚ It is called Progressive Medical Centers of America.

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