Today, I had another busy day. I swear, that place is like Disneyland … you start one place and every time you turn around, there is someone else coming to take you for some other therapy … acupuncture, HBOT therapy, some electro device called The Matrix, IVC, and major autohemotherapy (a safe way of administering ozone into the blood) are the things I know I’m doing this week.

We haven’t been able to look at our protocol/plan yet because they added us on, last minute. They’ve been busting butt getting me scheduled, for five days a week, for the next month. That is all worked out now, so we will get the plan tomorrow.

But today was another blessedly wonderful day. I started in the infusion room getting a small bag of alpha lipoic acid (ALA). Then I got a 75gm bag of IVC with K3 in it and nothing else in there. Perfection! At the other place, they would give the C, then the ALA … but here they give the ALA first because they say the ALA can potentiate the IVC much like insulin can potentiate chemo. What?????? How cool is that!!! Do they do that at the other place? Nope. There are just so many things they do here, just small things, that can make so much difference, but in my opinion, the folks down the road will not be taught. They don’t want to be taught. Especially by someone who has no title before her name or initials after her name.

But that’s over now and the folks here are so corroborative. I swear to you, if they took Medicare, I would seriously consider moving here just to be near this place. They are quickly becoming my family … I’m falling in love with every single one of them.

Anyway, I digress …. I got the ALA, then a big bag of C. They run it wide open here, instead of over 2-3 hours, if you can take it. For me, the ascites issue has to be considered. So we started a little slow today with the C, but then that bag was just not going down. Since I’m pretty sure I didn’t hit therapeutic blood levels at the other place, so when the bag was about 1/3 gone, I told her to let it rip and I’d holler if I needed it slowed. Wow, when it’s running that fast, you certainly can feel it! Who knew Vitamin C could make you feel so loopy????? But, as I figured, my belly is a bit large tonight. So we’ll have to try to figure out where that fine line is between filling me up with fluid and reaching the right blood levels.

After the IVs were done, we ate lunch, then I went on the Matrix machine and got some acupuncture while I was at it. Then I spent about 90 minutes in the HBOT chamber. It’s cool … it’s big enough that I can sit up in there if I want to. I never knew this before, but for some reason God is nowhere near that other place …. but guess where He does live? In the HBOT chamber!!!! Who knew? And I will tell you more about that tomorrow if they give me enough time.

  1. Raul Dominguez says:

    Sounds great Melissa! I’m happy you’re in a place that’s better suited for you. Please keep us updated on exactly what they do for you at the clinic. I’m learning so much from your experience. I have a consultation coming up with a doctor from the Oasis of Hope Clinic in Ca. I’m trying to get my mother admitted sometime soon. The more I know about any new alternative approaches, the better my questions will be during the meeting.

    Good luck and god bless,

  2. Denise Barnes says:

    Hang in there girly…NOT YOUR TIME!! I haven’t forgot about you and will call you to catch up soon. I haven’t been home all day…I will call you tomorrow. Is that okay?

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