We met with our naturopath this morning. What an awesome woman. In the midst of my bad day Saturday, I emailed her after I shaved my head and she added me to her schedule first thing this morning. We had a great meeting. She had been online researching appetite and cancer and had a couple of things she wanted to prescribe for me such as Ghrelin, a subcutaneous injection. Also, a prescription for Marinol … that is a synthetic version of THC. Now, the natural substance is by far more effective than the synthetic version. But the natural version doesn’t work for my particular anorexia situation any more, so I hoped perhaps the synthetic version would work. I am upping my curcumin and glutamine doses as well.

We are also going to stop all the pain management and electromedicine machines right now so I can focus on IV therapies. We have got to get me alkaline and we have got to get my appetite working or we are fighting a losing battle with the cancer. As it is, they all overlap and any one of them can kill me. So we are going to up my IVC to 100gms twice a week with alpha lipoic acid before the bag to potentiate it. We are going to add some glutathione for my liver and, if we need to, resume IPT. Of course, if we have to do that, don’t know where the money will come from, but I can’t worry about that right now.

I am also going to order and start a product called DCA that Russia is allegedly declaring a cure. Doesn’t take much and I will be ordering that tonight. So the saga continues …


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