So we are launching a new offensive now. I have resumed IPT after taking a month off. The disease is rapidly on the move, so we have to counter it quickly. There are things we do not have accurate information on like my estrogen receptor/progesterone receptor status and my Her2neu status. In metastatic disease, this can switch back and forth so treatment options can change and we don’t have a real accurate read on this one since they lost my seven litres of ascites fluid last year. So Thursday, I am succumbing to a liver biopsy. I have been avoiding it for the past year (that was their suggestion when they lost my fluid) but the time has come that we really need accurate intel and the only way to get it is from behind enemy lines, so send in the Recon!

The samples will be send to pathology and they will also be sent off for a Caris test which can tell which drugs will be effective for me, but does it based on genetics and such. These results will take weeks to come back, so in the meanwhile we are starting with four chemo drugs that previous testing indicates I have sensitivity to because we have to throw something at it quickly. I have also started using a product called DCA. I have been watching this for years and now it is time to pull out all the stops, so I have added it to my protocol as of last Thursday.

I had my first Progressive IPT yesterday. It was done with much more attention than it was at Immune Recovery. They had all of your stuff sitting there, at your chair, waiting for you. They monitored your O2 saturation and blood pressure the whole time and monitored your blood sugar the whole time as well. They took it when you first arrived, then to determine when you are at your therapeutic moment, then to determine when your sugar levels have come back to normal. And while you are getting your chemo, they put a FIR heat lamp over your cancer spots to further weaken the cancer cells. I have also added this exercise with oxygen thing they do here. There is a machine we call a Jiggler that … well, it jiggles/vibrates you. You stand on it, with an oxygen mask on. It uses vibration to exercise your muscles, but with the oxygen it is supposed to be helpful with cancer. Not sure of the mechanism of action, which is unlike me, but at this point, I don’t even care. God sent me to this place and I am going to trust them. The only thing I’m trying to micromanage right now is to be sure the financial arrangements are as we discussed.

On the home front, we moved out from the family and moved into the Residence Inn. It will be a much better arrangement for all involved, but it adds another $2700 to the monthly expense which, again, is a screaming deal since that is half what the room usually goes for, but it is still more than our mortgage payment … sigh. But the unfortunate truth that I am learning from the other Stage IV women around me, is that we just go from one thing to the next, much like we do in conventional medicine without the insurance help. So, what that means is we run up credit cards, we sell things, we refinance or take second mortgages on our homes, we file for bankruptcy, but we just don’t worry about the money. Cuz really, what else can we do??? We have to really just rely on God to provide. If I thought I had ever walked a faith walk before, I didn’t know nuthin about nuthin then!

So here I stay, putting one foot in front of the other, trusting in the miracle. And oh, the generosity of so many of you! I just am so humbled that total strangers would send their hard-earned money to help someone they’ve never even met just because a friend of theirs asked them to by sharing my story on Facebook. Simply amazing! I have had a couple of friends donate, then put out a challenge to their friends to match. I have been just stunned at the love I am being shown financially, from friends and familly, yes, but those strangers!!! That just takes my breath away!

Here we are after getting everything moved into the new place! With my new do. Not a do I prefer, but oh well.


  1. timothy mcgough says:

    I have been using DCA now for over 4 years. It is the only thing that has given me this time left on earth. I did the surgeries, the chemo, the countless non-traditional remedies. It has worked like a miracle to keep my cancer under control, eliminated my fast growing tumors, and kept my slow growing tumors small and controllable. Please feel free to contact me if you would like to know the basics about DCA, it’s a great remedy with few very few adverse side effects. Timothy

  2. Brigitte your friend from Switzerland -- which missed you the last two times when beeing in Colorado.... says:

    ohhh Melissa, how can you still look so sparkling??

    • Sparkling? Guess that’s one description for bald, bony, and breastless! Hey, how’s that for alliteration at its finest? You could just call me B4 … Just tack bitchy onto the end! Lol

  3. Simone Garcia says:

    Everything is good here. I think of you often…..I sure do miss you and so sad you are having such a difficult time. I can’t even put into words how I feel. just know I am holding your hand. much love to you! Simone

  4. As one of the “Stage Door” (not four lol) women buds sitting next to you at PMC today I have to say YOU ARE ONE AMAZING WOMAN Miss M! As you sat with yet another dripping IV you were so wonderfully kind to yet another sister whose husband was stricken with brain cancer and YOU WERE HELPING HER! Then you helped me with finding a cancer advocate and on and on….we are on this path TOGETHER and the world is blessed by you dear one….lets keep breathin till we stop…and then breathe on and on and on…there IS no end, only new beginnings…every day…and Im glad you found your way in to one of mine! xoKI

    • Damn, Ms Karen, your comment was so offensive I damn her didn’t approve it! Lol. Seriously, not real sure I deserve those words, but I’ll take ’em! See ya tomorrow, you feisty woman, you!

  5. Wendy says:

    Melissa, you are such an inspiration! I am visualizing you well! Prayers are with you, and I hope to meet you someday!

  6. Denise Barnes says:

    OMG!! You sound like you are taking a stronger step towards defeat each step you take!! I am so happy that you are standing each and every day! I am elated to hear individuals have been able to contribute to the success of this fight financially! Keep, keep, keepin’ on! You have my prayers and you are in my thoughts daily!! PTL!!!


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