So I went to see my oncologist yesterday. I am still too down to treat with chemo. My platelets and WBCs were tanked again. So I get two weeks with no cytotoxic mess. I am holding hope that this Tamoxifen I have been taking for the past 5 weeks, will kick in in the next few and kick some major cancer ass! Honestly, it “should” work even better than chemo drugs for my kind of cancer, lobular carcinoma. The only problem is hormonal therapies take a minute to work … meaning like 3 months. That is why we tried the Taxotere again … it worked so well for me last year. And it may be working now … but it tears me up too much. It appears that while the spirit is willing, the flesh is so weak.

Meanwhile, this huge ascites is driving me crazy! It is the biggest it has been, but my albumin is 2.2 right now and that is soooo low! If I had any more drained, my albumin would drop even lower and, since the cancer is still not under control, it would come right back in.

As usual, my test results were a mixed bag … two weeks ago, I had a circulating tumor cells (CTC) test done and it came back at 350-something. I rarely pay attention to this number because if it is over 5, you are pretty much dead woman walking anyway. Well, yesterday it had dropped to 30!!! That is the lowest it has ever been. But I am chock full of fluid and pukey at night, so what the heck? My onc thinks it is just a discrepancy between labs, but 320 points is a bit much for a lab difference!!! Thirty points, maybe.

So anyway, I will be seeing Kris Kraft on Tuesday. Then my onc again on Friday and we will reassess and either consider Halaven or Affinitor as my next step.

  1. slythy says:

    Hey sweetie,

    That certainly sounds like a weird lab “descrepancy.” It has to be some response to treatment. Is there a lag time?
    I’m so eager for you to see Kris Kraft Tuesday. And hear his reading of the situation.
    Have you ever tried moxibustion? An acupuncturist can do it. I wonder if it might help the ascites.

    Love me xxx

  2. Meg says:

    Wow, hope that drop in points was for real.

    I’ve been meaning to ask you – if Tamoxifen isn’t working, but you are ER+, you might consider doing a Zoladex shot (puts you into menopause), and then taking an aromatase inhibitor. You’ve probably considered this, but just wanted to mention it as an option… It seems to be working for me, so far.

  3. Denise Barnes says:

    I am counting days and hours till Tuesday!! “Get thee back Cancer”!!!!!!

    • Denise, believe it or not, I am considering pulling the plug with Kris. Depends on what transpires during a phone call tonight. Last year, he was talking all the stuff he is talking now and he sounds an awful lot like Karen Korona … And you know I want nothing remotely to do with anything like that. So we will see.

  4. Heidi Schwarztrauber says:

    Melissa, what does Kris Kraft do? I read he is a healer of some kind. Does he pray? Does he give you herbals etc? I have a prayer circle at my church praying for you. xoxoxo

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