Posted: July 26, 2012 in Breast Cancer

Well, so now my belly is the biggest it has ever been. So much so that the fluid is now moving down my thighs, down to my feet, cuz there is no more room at the inn. Typically, with malignant ascites, it comes rushing right back in. Mine has done that twice now and my oncologist figures it will do that again this time. It is for this reason that, tomorrow morning, I am getting about half of it removed.

The last time I had it tapped was a couple of months ago and it didn’t come back until I started my TPN 5 days later. Then it came in like crazy and I just can’t stand it any more. It was so excruciating the last time, for the next few days. I am dreading this one for the same reason, hence the decision to only drain half of it. Hopefully it won’t be as painful and I am praying that, with markers dropping, the fluid will not return. I will update this post later on with a picture of my pregnant-looking belly.

I am so nervous! Please keep me in prayer tomorrow. At least this time I am equipped with fentanyl pops so it may be one heckuva loopy day for me, but as long as they keep me out of pain, they will be my bestest friends (sorry, Diana! Lol)


  1. Martine says:

    I keep you in my thoughts and prayers everyday.

    I will be spending more time with you in thought tomorrow!!!!

    Lots of love,


  2. Gary Ryan says:

    Hi Melissa, you aand your family are always in my prayers, sweet lady, I will always remember how you have taken the time, to send me stuff, to teach me about the Lord, even when you have been so sick, you are a mighty blessing to many people. XX00

  3. ouch. I hope you find some much needed relief tomorrow.

  4. nan says:

    My thoughts and prayers are also with you Melissa. I ask God to give you some relief. You are such a very brave person. God Bless You.

  5. Francine says:

    I will be praying for you. God bless you.

  6. Robin Jorgenson says:

    Hang in there Melissa. Praying for you and your comfort. đŸ™‚

  7. Marilyn says:

    Saying a pray for you Melossa

    • Kim says:

      Wow – for some reason, I thought you had it
      drained already. Wishful thinking I guess!
      This sounds really scary and I’m SO sorry
      that you have to go through this. Will
      definitely be thinking of you.


  8. Riki says:

    Oh Melissa, I’m saying a prayer for you right now sweetie, and will say another one tomorrow.

  9. Carol Miele says:

    Melissa, you are in my prayers. Hope your paracemtesis is successful & you are kept comfortable. God Bless

  10. slythy says:

    Daer Melissa, you are always in my prayers. The Fentynal should help a lot. xxx

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