Helluva weight loss plan

Posted: July 28, 2012 in Breast Cancer

Well, thankfully yesterday’s procedure could not have possibly gone better.  I’m telling all of you, if you ever have to have a paracentesis, if there’s any way possible, get a surgeon to do it as a same-day procedure.  Dang, he beats every radiologist who has ever drained me!  My hubby got to stay in the room, so he was discreetly taking pictures while I will share with y’all … consider yourself warned!

I had a wonderful nurse anesthetist who sat at my head and made sure I was not uncomfortable.  I woke up while the procedure was in progress, but was not uncomfortable, so I just let it be.  But when I started to get a little painful, I mentioned it and he quickly popped another syringe out of his pocket and into my IV!  Ahhhhhhh yes.  So here is your journey through paracentesis now that I’m off the drugs.  We showed up and they got me all settled and bundled in warm blankets.  Then they wheeled in the ultrasound machine and showed the surgeon where the best pockets of fluid were, where there weren’t any organs in the way.  He marked the best spots. Then my nurse anesthetist came and gave me my first little fentanyl bump and left for a bit.  When it was time for action, he put in some propophol to put me out while the surgeon put the catheter into my abdomen.  They had to use many different techniques to get it out.  They started with glass vacuum bottles, and wound up with a combo of a plastic suction bottle, syringes, and finally a large vat to hold the whole amount, which turned out to be six liters yesterday.

When all was finished, I was hungry and I actually ate a half a grilled cheese sandwich and 3/4 of a bag of Sun Chips … the most I have eaten in one sitting in months.  Don’t know which drug was responsible for that, but dang it was nice.  Nice until several hours after I got home … and it decided to revisit me … twice.  Now I have been having my share of dry heaves and puking up nothing but foam (remember I am on IV nutrition) and that’s bad enough.  But this was … well … just worse.  Then came the diarrhea.  So is it too much fentanyl or too much food in one sitting, or what?  I don’t know how to prevent this and dang I wish it would just stop.  I figured no more of that once most of the fluid was gone.  Today I am back to no appetite at all.  So it is just so discouraging.  I lost 18 pounds in the course of an hour yesterday, but I still cannot perform the most basic of bodily functions:  feeding myself.  No appetite even with the fluid mostly gone.  So it is just hard to stay hopeful and keep this blog, and myself, upbeat.  I can’t stay on TPN forever … it causes systemic infections that can take you out quickly (which I am battling right now in hopes of saving my port because that’s where the infection lives).  And if the infection has its way … if my fever goes back up after I stop the antibiotics next week … I will lost my port and, a year ago, they couldn’t find another spot to put one due to all the radiation therapy I have had to my chest.  So things are still up in the air … I’m beginning to realize they always are.  It seems there is nothing solid in my world these days.  And still scared that when I restart my TPN tonight, I will wake up bigger tomorrow, seeing that’s when it came on … when I started TPN.  If I am not larger tomorrow morning (when it comes back, it comes back quickly), then there may be a silver lining in there somewhere.  But until I can feed myself, which I haven’t been able to do in 3 years now, I’m kinda out of luck.  But we are still hoping to see some miracle from Kris Kraft’s work.

I have a gal who says she is interested in my pony, Patch.  I sure hope they are a fit … that would be one less thing to handle.  Oh please, oh please!

  1. slythy says:

    Good work, Mel. Wow, what a difference the pain meds, made. You’d think they would do that routinely.

    I hope you can get some relief now from the pressure of the fluid and that the infection can be kept a bay.

    Sending more prayers to you and wishes that Kris Kraft’s energy will zap in.


    PS Do you have a picture of Patch?

  2. slythy says:

    Did my message come thru? I seem to have trouble with WordPress.

    • Yup, sure did. Read you loud and clear! Yeah I don’t know why that’s not standard of care. It is hard to numb a peritoneum, so it is not a pain-free procedure. Except for meeeeeeeeee! ;). Now I’ve got the hook-up, so he can do it every time from here forward.

  3. nan says:

    So glad your procedure is over and so glad they were able to do it for you pain free.
    You certainly deserve the extra care. You have been in my prayers and I will pray that you
    will get some much needed relief. God Bless You. Nan

  4. slythy says:

    How is the procedure holding? Any pix of Patch? Any feeling about how the Kris Kraft work is going?

    Thinking of you…xo

    • There is a pic of Patch in the last couple of posts. :). I think there might be one in About Me too but I can’t swear to it. Lol

      Will update soon as I have a minute. Will be going camping on Sunday so will have plenty of quiet time in the woods. 🙂

  5. Denise Barnes says:

    Hey sis – boy that is allot of fluid. As Shrek says better out than in! ;-)…I think about you daily!! I mean that. I will also continue to keep you in much prayer girly. I love you!! ~Denise

    • slythy says:

      Hi, I don’t know why I didn’t see Patch before. He’s beautiful. Is he really a pony?

      How did you do camping? I was thinking about you frying eggs over a camp fire at dawn 🙂


      • Lynne, I hate to destroy such n ambitious image of me scrambling eggs at dawn. But the only thing I am doing at dawn is snoring. Lol. Plus I hardly eat anything but we a actually camping right now. I am doing just fine and loving every minute of it. Now if I could just start eating like a normal person again! 🙂

      • Lynne, I forgot … Yes, he is really a pony. Anything under 15 hands is technically a pony, and he is 14.1 hands.

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