Breast cancer is a deadly disease, not a party with cheesy cupcakes …

Posted: August 9, 2012 in Breast Cancer
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I could not have written this better myself! I get so sick of all things pink and people just not getting that this disease actually kills people. I thought it was about stopping breast cancer … Not making the fundraising participants feel all warm and fuzzy.

Donna Peach

Another article about a group that is putting the “fun in fundraising” for breast cancer reminds me yet again of the credibility problems we are having with breast cancer. We hear so many comments about breast cancer being the “good cancer” or “not the serious cancer” that many of us are questioning whether touting the success of mammograms and treatment is doing more harm than good. When questioned about why it is wrong to make light of breasts for a breast cancer campaign, in a nutshell, it is because we have carried the fun too far. We have become irresponsible in discussing the topic of breast cancer and become inured to it by virtue of the very medium we use to raise money.

Breast cancer’s seriousness is really being called into question; too many people have the impression that breast cancer is not deadly. No one questions the deadliness of…

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