Saw my oncologist today …

Posted: August 10, 2012 in Breast Cancer
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This is a quickie post but I just wanted to let you all know that I saw my oncologist for the first time in a month today. He had my labs in hand and a young medical student in tow. He proceeded to tell her my “quite remarkable story.”. So it was cool to hear those words come from him. I had no idea he recognized the miracle I have been, three separate times now. He couldn’t get over how good I looked and stated I needed to stay on Tamoxifen forever, it was working so well. Of course, i did have on full makeup that he hasn’t seen in months. But perhaps it is the tamoxifen. Or maybe it is the energy work. Or the cannabis. But whatever it is, the proof was in the pudding when he cut me loose for two months and I said that was scary. I asked if I could get markers drawn again at the one month point. He asked why. I told him I always keep an eye on things. He then said I wouldn’t have to keep doing that. That this was not going to get bad again any time soon. From his lips to God’s ears! Still can’t eat, but hey … Other than that and it being at the end of a very long day and being exhausted, I feel pretty damn normal. Uh oh … That could be trouble!

  1. Debbie Wokurka says:

    Girl that is GREAT news.

  2. nan says:

    Yes that is super great news. I follow your blogs and just am amazed at your strength.!!
    God bless you and keep you!!

  3. Dawn Thomas says:

    Melissa —
    That is definitely the most wonderful news ever! I’m so happy for you…can you see me doing the “Happy Dance” all the way down here in South AL?

    Much love to you and yours and by golly, prayer does work!

    Love you!

    Ladelta from F2F!

  4. Wendy says:

    ROCK ON!!! Such great news! What an inspiration you are!
    Hugs and love to you,

  5. Bigitte the Swiss Miss says:

    Ohhhhhh Melissa, sooooo Good to hear this. Thank god our prayers have been heard. OHhhh Melissa I am soooo happy for you, so extremely happy. Yxxoxxx

  6. cindy dimmette says:

    FABULOUS, keep going forward!


  7. Denise Barnes says:

    I love it! Great visit and report. I say let’s continue to expect good things INCLUDING the appetite AND elimination. I am PRAYING for this. XOXO Denise

  8. Keep on keeping on girl… continue thumbing your nose at the oncologists whilst batting those eyelashes at them…

  9. slythy says:

    Yoo-hoo? Howzit goin’? I’ll try again on WP. I don’t think my previous msg went thru. I don’t see it.

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