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Posted: March 16, 2013 in Breast Cancer, Spiritual/Emotional/Energetic
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As many of you know, Melissa tried a gauntlet of both conventional and alternative approaches, treatments, and methodologies to fight cancer and live well over a half-score and three years past her first diagnosis. There were many approaches she did not try, but she was probably familiar with many of them anyways. She was a research guru and she never hesitated to share with anyone who was seeking information. Not sure if you noticed, but I said information, not answers. Having the “answer” is just way too simplistic to most any situation, least of all trying to survive any stage of cancer, especially Stage IV cancer. There is a lot of comfort that can be provided to one individual’s insanity of fighting cancer by looking at the success of another individual’s given treatment modality. But, Melissa would be the first to tell you, and she mentioned it in her blogs, that there is no such thing as a “magic bullet” (reference “And the beat goes on…” posted 16 Jun 12). What works for one person may not work for another, that’s why individual choice is so important. However, I’m also not saying, never look at the statistics or to testimonials of a given modality, just always try to apply your own individual filter to the specific situation and data.

So, why this theoretical BS from someone who has never walked in Stage IV shoes. What do I really know, just being a passenger on Melissa’s journey? Well, I just have to share our experience with one of the last modalities that Melissa tried. If you are more conventionally minded, then please excuse my rant, but when you don’t have too many choices left and you are growing weaker, often the best treatment choice seems to be one that won’t fill your body with toxic chemicals; one such modality is energy work. Now, if you really contemplate our human existence, aren’t we all, made up of various types of energy? According to Einstein, human beings are made up of multi-dimensional energy fields. And, if you understand science, energy can not be created or destroyed, right, only transformed. If you know Melissa’s story, then you know she used many energy healers since she metastasized in 2007. Various types, and one, Kurt Peterson, may have saved her life many years ago. If you’ve been following Melissa’s blog long, then you also learned that energy healers ARE NOT all created equal. One such bad experience and many dollars spent was with one named Karen Korona (if interested you can read of specifics in a previous blog). But, let’s discuss more recent events. So, Melissa had her third appointment set up with Kris Kraft, but to make a long story short, he did not make it in time. When you are really sick, and there aren’t many options, there is a tendency to put your hopes in treatments which may be your miracle. Looking back now, leading up to this unkept appointment, several stand out moments happened, and I’d like to share them so that all your brains can be exercised. In the months prior to Melissa seeing Kris, there were occasional communications by phone and email. During these correspondences, Kris would consistently reassure Melissa, in essence, that she was doing better. For example, he told her of his dreams: basically Melissa was on a porch in a summer dress, rocking in a chair. Heck, even after Melissa was treated the second time by Kris, he kept reassuring her everything was “on track” and she’d be fine (reference “I’ve been slacking,” posted 19 Jul 12). So, as these conversations proceeded both Melissa and I got a huge deja vu feeling of Karen Korona’s antics. And a very ironic and sad part of the situation, Kris was not a Karen Korona fan and actually insisted that Karen and Melissa part ways before he would even consider treating Melissa the first time around. Even though our feeling of unease persisted and grew greater–remember how patients put their hopes on things sometimes they shouldn’t in wait of a miracle–so the appointment with Kris stayed in our calendar. Also, keep in mind, that alternative treatments typically are fairly expensive, just like conventional ones, but the big difference, if you have insurance, typically conventional treatments are covered and paid for by insurance, whereas, alternative ones are not.

Sorry, my attempts to make this long story short are failing, so I’ll try and wrap up. As, Melissa continued to decline (blind, organ failure, enormous pain, growing brain hematoma and tumor, exploding systemic cancer process throughout her body, and hospice called), I contacted Kris, before he departed the East coast, and told him not to come, basically to save him a trip. At the time, trying to keep Melissa comfortable was my only concern, and repayment of funds to treat Melissa was nowhere in my scope of reason. However, Kris decides to come anyways since he has “non-refundable hotel reservations.” He also says that his guider, “Power,” is telling him to come. Well, needless to say, both Power and Kris had it all wrong and Melissa passed before he and Power arrived. And, to top it off, Kris comes to our house later, after Melissa died, to say hello. I mean, he was hired to treat Melissa, not to come by for an hour and have me tell him stories of Melissa’s death. So, after waiting a week or so after Melissa died, I noticed that Kris had not issued a refund for services to Melissa not rendered. Finally, I asked Kris, and Kris responded that his website clearly states that refunds can only be given if he is contacted within 10 days of the original appointment and that I contacted him only 8 days prior to Melissa’s appointment. So, I tried to reason with Kris, but his perspective is the only one he and Power wants to see. Well, he still has not done the honorable thing and reimbursed what Melissa paid him for. So, I just have to say, from my experience, not all energy healers are the same, so be careful out there. And, don’t get me wrong, I think energy healing can do a lot of good. In fact, I believe, Jesus was the greatest energy healer who ever walked on our planet. And, aren’t we mostly energy anyways? When I was resting, mostly sleeping, right by Melissa’s side in our bed while holding her hand, at about 15 minutes after midnight on February 16, Melissa stopped breathing here on Earth. At that exact moment, I felt a huge surge of energy go through my body which must have been that exact instance when Melissa’s energy, spirit, or whatever you want to call it, left her body and was saying her final goodbye to me on this Earth and transformed to heavenly spaces.

  1. Dianne says:

    god bless you John! Energy healing was one thing that we never tried. Now I guess I’m glad. How much did you pay this guy? Did he have travelling expenses? Did he say why he came even though you cancelled the appointment? I guess you could try reporting him or leaving bad report on his site ,if he has one. Probably not worth it, and just chalk it up to experience. We paid the Burzynski clinic in Houston $7,600/month for two years. How crazy is that. But if it would have worked, it would have been worth every penny! When you felt the energy as Melissa passed it could have been the Lord reassuring you that He has Melissa and she is now healed! I sometimes wonder how many people John will meet in heaven that he didn’t get to meet here. I know he would be a friend to everyone, as he loved people and he loved the Lord. There are actually some days, when it’s bitter cold and nasty outside, that I’m glad John is not here to endure it in his prevoius condition. Looking back it must have been awful for him,but I think he was alot like Melissa in not complaining and not wanting to leave me or give up. We will get through this grief eventually with God’s help. Not ever get over it, but get through and continue on with life. Take care and trust God! There is a scripture that says God gives us comfort ,so that we in turn can comfort others.When i find the exact verse I’ll send it to you. Be comforted that Melissa is with her Lord in heaven! Love and prayers, Dianne

  2. Dianne says:

    2nd Corinthians 1:4

  3. Brigitte the Swiss Miss says:

    Hmm a very delicate theme… If there are no more Hopes left and you still want to live then those voices sound so promising.

    The problem in My opinion is that there is no ” controll and mesures” for that kind of services. In the medical Field there are facts and figures.

    But you wrote Peterson helped before. So what did he do?

    • Melissa wrote a previous blog with lots of details. She saw Kurt three times, but the first time was the most effective. See how sneaky cancer can be; no matter what form treatment takes be it alternative or conventional, it can mutate and develop resistance.

  4. shanti says:

    Thank you for writing about your experience. It is so important for us to have information so we can make decisions that are right for us. We spend hundreds of thousands of dollars- sometimes it is so right on and other times we have to weed through the people and question marks about treatments whether they are paid for or not, energy or conventional- You are still giving the gift that Melissa gave so freely. Thank you.. shanti

  5. “Power” paid a visit to Kris’s website and I heard that he made a suggestion that your money be refunded, otherwise Karma might bite him in the ass… Just heard throught the grapevine you know…


    • Thanks Erick!!!! And agree, Karma can have a heck of a recoil, and payback can certainly be painful; sometimes here on Earth it happens, and other times, after our life here on Earth. But, one thing for certain, we all will reap what we sow.

  6. I just stopped by and was checking out a few of your posts. Thank you for sharing your thoughts and experiences. I had a quick question about your blog and was hoping you could email me back when you get the chance -emilywalsh688 (at) gmail.com- Thanks : )


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