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As many of you know, Melissa tried a gauntlet of both conventional and alternative approaches, treatments, and methodologies to fight cancer and live well over a half-score and three years past her first diagnosis. There were many approaches she did not try, but she was probably familiar with many of them anyways. She was a research guru and she never hesitated to share with anyone who was seeking information. Not sure if you noticed, but I said information, not answers. Having the “answer” is just way too simplistic to most any situation, least of all trying to survive any stage of cancer, especially Stage IV cancer. There is a lot of comfort that can be provided to one individual’s insanity of fighting cancer by looking at the success of another individual’s given treatment modality. But, Melissa would be the first to tell you, and she mentioned it in her blogs, that there is no such thing as a “magic bullet” (reference “And the beat goes on…” posted 16 Jun 12). What works for one person may not work for another, that’s why individual choice is so important. However, I’m also not saying, never look at the statistics or to testimonials of a given modality, just always try to apply your own individual filter to the specific situation and data.

So, why this theoretical BS from someone who has never walked in Stage IV shoes. What do I really know, just being a passenger on Melissa’s journey? Well, I just have to share our experience with one of the last modalities that Melissa tried. If you are more conventionally minded, then please excuse my rant, but when you don’t have too many choices left and you are growing weaker, often the best treatment choice seems to be one that won’t fill your body with toxic chemicals; one such modality is energy work. Now, if you really contemplate our human existence, aren’t we all, made up of various types of energy? According to Einstein, human beings are made up of multi-dimensional energy fields. And, if you understand science, energy can not be created or destroyed, right, only transformed. If you know Melissa’s story, then you know she used many energy healers since she metastasized in 2007. Various types, and one, Kurt Peterson, may have saved her life many years ago. If you’ve been following Melissa’s blog long, then you also learned that energy healers ARE NOT all created equal. One such bad experience and many dollars spent was with one named Karen Korona (if interested you can read of specifics in a previous blog). But, let’s discuss more recent events. So, Melissa had her third appointment set up with Kris Kraft, but to make a long story short, he did not make it in time. When you are really sick, and there aren’t many options, there is a tendency to put your hopes in treatments which may be your miracle. Looking back now, leading up to this unkept appointment, several stand out moments happened, and I’d like to share them so that all your brains can be exercised. In the months prior to Melissa seeing Kris, there were occasional communications by phone and email. During these correspondences, Kris would consistently reassure Melissa, in essence, that she was doing better. For example, he told her of his dreams: basically Melissa was on a porch in a summer dress, rocking in a chair. Heck, even after Melissa was treated the second time by Kris, he kept reassuring her everything was “on track” and she’d be fine (reference “I’ve been slacking,” posted 19 Jul 12). So, as these conversations proceeded both Melissa and I got a huge deja vu feeling of Karen Korona’s antics. And a very ironic and sad part of the situation, Kris was not a Karen Korona fan and actually insisted that Karen and Melissa part ways before he would even consider treating Melissa the first time around. Even though our feeling of unease persisted and grew greater–remember how patients put their hopes on things sometimes they shouldn’t in wait of a miracle–so the appointment with Kris stayed in our calendar. Also, keep in mind, that alternative treatments typically are fairly expensive, just like conventional ones, but the big difference, if you have insurance, typically conventional treatments are covered and paid for by insurance, whereas, alternative ones are not.

Sorry, my attempts to make this long story short are failing, so I’ll try and wrap up. As, Melissa continued to decline (blind, organ failure, enormous pain, growing brain hematoma and tumor, exploding systemic cancer process throughout her body, and hospice called), I contacted Kris, before he departed the East coast, and told him not to come, basically to save him a trip. At the time, trying to keep Melissa comfortable was my only concern, and repayment of funds to treat Melissa was nowhere in my scope of reason. However, Kris decides to come anyways since he has “non-refundable hotel reservations.” He also says that his guider, “Power,” is telling him to come. Well, needless to say, both Power and Kris had it all wrong and Melissa passed before he and Power arrived. And, to top it off, Kris comes to our house later, after Melissa died, to say hello. I mean, he was hired to treat Melissa, not to come by for an hour and have me tell him stories of Melissa’s death. So, after waiting a week or so after Melissa died, I noticed that Kris had not issued a refund for services to Melissa not rendered. Finally, I asked Kris, and Kris responded that his website clearly states that refunds can only be given if he is contacted within 10 days of the original appointment and that I contacted him only 8 days prior to Melissa’s appointment. So, I tried to reason with Kris, but his perspective is the only one he and Power wants to see. Well, he still has not done the honorable thing and reimbursed what Melissa paid him for. So, I just have to say, from my experience, not all energy healers are the same, so be careful out there. And, don’t get me wrong, I think energy healing can do a lot of good. In fact, I believe, Jesus was the greatest energy healer who ever walked on our planet. And, aren’t we mostly energy anyways? When I was resting, mostly sleeping, right by Melissa’s side in our bed while holding her hand, at about 15 minutes after midnight on February 16, Melissa stopped breathing here on Earth. At that exact moment, I felt a huge surge of energy go through my body which must have been that exact instance when Melissa’s energy, spirit, or whatever you want to call it, left her body and was saying her final goodbye to me on this Earth and transformed to heavenly spaces.


So things are finally starting to get better!!! As I mentioned, I got six liters of fluid drained off nearly two weeks ago and was so afraid it would come right back. Well, it has not. Admittedly, I am not at home right now, where I can take my measurements, so it’s possible it some has trickled back in, but I don’t feel like it has. I feel like a whole different person now. I am able to go for walks, though I am way too out of shape to hike. I no longer have reflux. Though I still cannot eat enough to survive, I am eating about twice what I was. We won’t discuss what all happens to a woman from the waist down, when she has that much pressure in her belly, but suffice it to say it also took care of more than just frequent urges. And OMG, my legs are so tiny without fluid in them …. bony, as a matter of fact … and they were starting to look pretty thick there for a minute.

More good news is that I am currently camping … spending time in my beloved forest like I could not even manage mere weeks ago. I couldn’t even get in and out of the camper. But that is all different now. With the exception of the fact that I still need IV nutrition, I feel pretty damn normal. Downright cancer-free! I am so grateful!

And the very best news of all is that, in the past three weeks, my CA27-29, the breast cancer marker, has dropped by 82 points and my CEA has dropped by 16 (the max normal range for this marker is only 3.5 so a 16-pt drop is pretty darn huge). So things are definitely moving in the right direction! This is the third time this has happened to me … the third freakin time! I keep spiraling downward, bed-ridden, for months … and then I do something (chemo or hormonals or energy work) and I get almost to remission before things start progressing again. This process can take a few months to a few years. I got a few months last year. I am hoping for something a bit longer-lasting this time.

I am so tickled that Friday, when I see my oncologist, who swore this fluid would come right back, I can tell him I was drained two weeks ago. It is at this point I would smile sweetly and bat my eyelashes at him … all 5-10 that I have left … because he keeps making these absolute statements with me. But dang, after working with me for three years now, you would think he would remember that my body rebels at absolutes and does everything in its power to prove them wrong. I don’t really know what all is going on with me, but I know no one can possibly predict what this thing will do and when. One of these times, it will be the last time. But not this time!



Last Saturday, as most of you know, Waldo Canyon caught on fire.  That fire broke out between my town of Woodland Park and Colorado Springs and it was not far off the highway leading between the two, so they had to close the pass so the firefighters could use it for staging area, etc.  The only way from Woodland to the Springs was the back way through Teller County and it took 2.5 hours to get to my medical care, so I was so worried that my small intestine would obstruct while we were so isolated.  Thank God that didn’t happen.

But this fire was the scariest thing ever!  Early last week, that thing met up with tinderbox conditions, record temperatures, and 65 MPH winds, so it jumped two ridges and into a major neighborhood where 347 families lost their homes.  Thankfully, there have only been two fatalities, which is two too many, but they were still in their home when the officials were able to get in there.  Up our way, the fire line was probably only about three miles away, so we were placed on standby to evacuate.  All the motels were full, the campgrounds were full, because people had been being evacuated for days by this time.  But thankfully, they were able to hold that line, take us off standby, bring the Woodland Park evacuees home, and today they opened the highway again.  So life is slowly getting back to normal that way, but it has been so devastatingly emotional even though we didn’t suffer any loss unlike so many others.  I watched the flames engulfing those homes and it was like watching the Atlanta Burning scene in Gone With the Wind.  I just sat there and cried … just so much destruction and devastation.  Although 80% of the homes in that neighborhood were saved, the 20% that were lost looked like a bomb was dropped on the whole area.  Those homes are just vaporized … a pile of ash (not even rubble) … just nothing left … and they only had about an hour to evacuate before the fire was on them.  It was just that fast.  My heart so goes out to them and, if anyone else has a heart for them, there is a legit website selling some awesome wild fire tee shirts, 100% of which of the proceeds go to the fire victims.  There are some way cool, 100% cotton shirts, both men and women sizes, at

Right in the middle of all this was my visit with Kris Kraft, energy healer, last Tuesday.  Being that the pass was closed, and he flew into the Springs, we had to get him 3 hours up here and 3 hours back.  Our daughter, Erika, was already in town, so she volunteered to meet him and bring him to us.  And if that wasn’t big enough, she stayed at here until he was done and took him right back down with her when she went.  Huge blessing and kudos to the kiddo!

He said the session was successful and that we were able to release a lot.  He says he has brought in a “new future” for me and I will sure take one of those!  I don’t much like what I’m seeing in my crystal ball these days the way things are!  The chemo side effects were still lingering a little, but they had diminished quite a bit by the time he got here.  I have felt just a little bit better every day since.  Was it his work or is it just getting more distance between me and my last chemo?  Too early to tell at this point, but soon.

And then, as if all this wasn’t enough, my husband and I hit a speed bump that knocked the breath out of me.  I don’t know how we will find our way through this, but hopefully with God’s help, we can.  Yup, those hits just keep on coming … I just can’t seem to even breathe for a minute without getting the crap beaten out of me.  Anyway, enough about that.

I saw my oncologist Friday and he cut me loose for another two weeks.  He feels that, by that time, we should have a clearer picture of if this Tamoxifen is going to be something I need to continue or not.  While I am getting even more fluid, and it is now in my legs because my abdomen just can’t hold any more, he says it will not harm me and that he was impressed that I have not obstructed.  He said he really thought I would worsen quickly (second time he has thought that and was incorrect … yup, I love to prove drs wrong sometimes), and was really surprised that I had not and that I should be OK for a couple more weeks without any additional treatment.  That is a good thing for a couple of reasons.  First of all, that will give me more than a month off from the cytotoxins.  Secondly, it gives Kris’ work more time to do its thing without the poisons conflicting with it.  Of course, if I go in there in a couple of weeks, and am doing a lot better,  he will claim it is the Tamoxifen.  This has happened once before.  I started Tamoxifen right before I saw Kurt Peterson for the first time and, right after Kurt, I damn near went into remission.  The onco says it was the Tamoxifen … I have always thought it was Kurt’s work.  So now I am right back in the same position.  Taking Tamoxifen and just got treated by a renowned energy healer.  But I don’t care which is responsible … God of course … but whether it is the Tamoxifen or Kris really makes no difference to me as long as I get better.

I seem to have been a little more active yesterday and today, despite my sausage-like torso and legs/feet.  I am one thick girl right now!  I am weighing in at 145 when my “without fluid” weight a month ago was only 113.  Sure wish it was real weight instead of fluid.  We discussed draining that fluid, but my dr and I both agree that would be too hard on my body.  So he suggested that I leave off the TPN for a few days … even though I am not eating … to try to balance out this fluid issue because it is directly attributable to the TPN.  It’s been almost 48 hours now, but I don’t feel any smaller.  Oh well … tomorrow’s another day.

In case you have noticed my lack of photos or graphics in the last few months of posts, I just ain’t posin’ for many pictures these days.  Hopefully before too much longer, I will have the energy to do all of the tasks I need to do to transform myself into something vaguely resembling a human female, and then I might take some more pics.  Until then, you just get to read.

This was one tremendous shift in my learning.  All of the head knowledge I had attained over the past decade was largely for nought for me.  But it was not a waste of my time.  It was all part of the trail of breadcrumbs that I can now see in hindsight. If you had pointed me to Kurt’s website when I was first diagnosed, I would’ve looked at it, sure.  But I would’ve immediately scoffed and moved on like many people do.  I would not have been ready for it.  But God had been working on me in so many ways, slowly, insistently, subtly cracking open my mind tiny bit by tiny bit.

But then there’s that exorbitant price tag.  Sure.  But let me explain two things.  First, have you ever seen an explanation of benefits for a chemo infusion?  Yeah, just one little infusion costs way more than an entire day with Kurt or Kris.  And once is never enough with chemo.  Secondly, thanks to my work with Louis, now I knew how much of  a toll it takes on the healer to focus precious energy that intensely, into another person’s body, for that extreme an amount of time.  And then to get up and do it all over again?  Plus the travel and constantly being away from his own family?  I don’t know.  The man gave me my life back in a miraculous way and, in my opinion, that was worth every dime.

From a rigidly Christian perspective, those Christians who put limits on God … like I used to be … this might have been an evil thing and one that could jeopardize my very soul.  Dark energy … evil.  I mentioned that to Kurt once.  He threw his head back and laughed and said, “How could healing a brain tumor in a 12-year-old ever be evil?”  Ya know, he had me there.  There was no evil in my getting well … none whatsoever.  And thankfully my soul is still in my body.  If I hadn’t taken God out of His box two-and-a-half years ago, I’m not sure I would be able to say that now.

And now I was on weekly chemotherapy.  That evil chemotherapy.  It cannot heal anything.  Its sole mission is to destroy.  But my life was being restored to me in ways I had forgotten about.  My energy and stamina picked up, as well as my strength. The previous summer, I had such muscle weakness, I couldn’t even groom my horse.  But now I was out there grooming, playing with, riding … and I even had two camping weekends over the summer!  What a glorious miracle that was! Statistically speaking, chemotherapy gives tumor shrinkage, but that doesn’t always equate to increased time on the planet.  So the benefits, IMO, are typically not worth the side effects.  But such was not the case for me at all.  Once more, a miracle was happening in my world.  I would’ve been dead by this time, so this chemo definitely was extending life in my case.

My oncologist is a hoot.  Here he had talked me into all this therapy that he knew was not the way I roll … and I was coming back to life before his very eyes.  Months later, he asked me, “Did you think we’d ever see this day?”  I was doing so well and I told him no.  He said, “Yeah, I wasn’t too sure either.  Not sure at all.” Ooooooh I wish he had never told me that.  Now I know he has a serious poker face and we might need to make a tough decision together again one day.  Sure wish I didn’t know that part. But he humors me like a kind grandfather and acts as though he thinks the things I come up with are … well … probably more eccentric than ridiculous.  I guess, once one is four years past one’s expiration date, he can afford to let me run wherever I please.  He asks thoughtful questions about each and every modality I throw at him.  And then he says, “Whatever.”  The last time he said that to me, I told him, “Seriously?  Are you really going to say that to me?  You know I don’t respond like anyone else does.”  He had been walking out of the room and he whipped back around and said, “I know I say whatever.  But I also say I can’t argue with success and success is what is standing right in front of me.”  Guess he shut me up!

So what lesson could I take away from all of this conventional vs alternative experience?  The first time around, I nearly destroyed myself with toxic treatments.  I will never have pectoral muscles again from radiation to both sides of my chest. Secondary cancers are a huge risk as well.  Then I started reading and went to the opposite end of the spectrum and would not entertain anything remotely smacking of conventional cancer treatment.  It was toxic; it was deadly; it didn’t heal.  But here I was feeling better than I had felt for years.    Here’s my big lesson.  Yes, chemotherapy is toxic and natural therapies are not.  I still would not use chemotherapy as my “go to” stance in treating cancer.  My opinion is that chemo is extreme and should be used in extreme cases.  For me, it is a tool and should be used as such.

The way the conventional world typically treats metastatic patients goes like this.  They consider metastatic cancer incurable. So they don’t really try because now it becomes a fine line between quality of life and extending your life.  They don’t give you the extreme, “curative” doses of chemotherapy because it will make you really sick and won’t cure you anyway.  It becomes a balancing act.  They typically will not give you chemo cocktails (mixtures of drugs) now because they’re more difficult.  Now you get single agent chemos, for the most part, which are easier, but may not hurt your cancer as badly … not curing you, but keeping you alive a bit longer.   And when your cancer outsmarts the drug you are using, and it always does once it is metastatic, you move to another drug.  Until you run out of options.

I didn’t want to live that life.  I have learned that I have a pretty decent intuition in what to pursue and what not to pursue in my therapy.  I am slowly learning to trust that and not be afraid of it.  I have learned that when the fight has you on the ropes and your opponent pummeling the crap out of your face, you have two choices.  You can either go down for the count, or you can unleash something extreme to get that opponent off you so you can get back in the fight.  A tool to be used selectively. Unleash it, back off the enemy, then resume your style of fighting.

Once I returned home, it was not without complication.  I got home on a Monday night and Tuesday morning I realized my NG tube had not been suctioning out my stomach.  Knowing that vomiting around a tube in your throat is excruciating, I did not want that to happen again.  After 24 hours of no suction, we ran off to the emergency room to try to find out why. Several xrays and adjustments later, we knew the problem.  When they put my first tube in, they didn’t put it in far enough. This time, they had put it in too far and it lay coiled in the bottom of my stomach, not sucking out anything. Grrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrr!!!!  Finally I had a tube that worked again.

Kurt Peterson and CancerTouch had become old friends of mine by this time.  Quite some time prior to my little luxury resort vacay at Memorial Hospital, Kurt had brought in another energy healer, Kris Kraft, to his practice.  Kurt spoke extremely highly of Kris and together they worked on many.  When I first started working with Karen Korona, I did see Kurt one more time, and this time with no results.  So at that point, we thought that possibly my cancer had developed a resistance to Kurt’s particular gift.  I mean, it can develop resistance to any drug we throw at it.  Why couldn’t it respond the same to the same energy over and over?

Anyway, at this point, Kurt felt that if any energy healer in the world could help me, it would be Kris.  So we had arranged for Kris to work on me in San Francisco the end of May.  But then I was hospitalized, so that changed everything.  Now we weren’t even sure if I would still be here come the end of May and we knew if I was, I sure wouldn’t be able to travel.  So God bless Kurt and Kris … they arranged to have Kris come to me.  Now usually we go to the healer’s environment for work … to his suite or whatever.  But I had my NG tube, my IV nutrition bag, and all sorts of apparatuses to accommodate them.  Mercifully, Kris offered that if John could come pick him up, he would be willing to work on me in our home.  Done deal!  We could just have my neighbor come over and sit with me while John transported him back and forth.

On May 2, I met Mr Kris Kraft who was, at that time, still with CancerTouch.  Can you see how blessed I’ve been?  God has put such incredible people in my path.  Can you see the tapestry unfolding?  Is the chaos starting to look a little more like a work of art?  Sure is to me!  I later found out that Kris reported I probably only had a couple of weeks left at that point if something didn’t change.

He works very differently than Kurt, but the two of them are an imposing pair.  Kurt is blonde and over 6′.  Kris is brunette and 6’7″!    The towering team, right?  Anyway, he pulled up a chair at my bedside and we chatted for a bit.  He would gently put his hands on me and run energy.  Then he would stop and kind of just gaze for a few minutes.  Then he would start asking questions and making suggestions of a more emotional nature.  For Kris, it’s not enough to just kill cancer.  You have got to get to the source.  I have always believed this.  Killing the cancer is all well and good, but if you don’t fix the problem at the root, that cancer will grow right back.  I already expressed how I believe that, for me, cancer has a huge emotional component.  So this really resonated with me.

He spoke to me about my body image and my inner child.  He made suggestions of books that might be enlightening for me. And all the while, he ran energy.  He was a polar opposite of Kurt, who has a more “scientific,” if you will, approach to energy healing … just the facts, Jack.  While Kris goes to a psychological level while addressing the physical.

Kris no longer works alongside Kurt.  He has branched out on his own and is doing a lot of work in Europe as well as the US.

By summer of 2010, my numbers were on the move again in the wrong direction.  Back to the drawing board … what now? Meanwhile, a friend of mine from across the internet sent me an email asking if I’d heard of the Emerald Heart Foundation and sent me the link.  I was intrigued and called up the founder to see what they had going on.  The Foundation was in its infancy then, so they didn’t have much going on at the time, but we started chatting about what each of us thought had helped us the most as she was a Stage IV survivor herself.  Without hesitancy, I said, “My energy healer.”  She said, “Me too.”  So we shared info and hers happened to be an hour away, so I could get to her easily.  I got her contact info and gave her a call.

I started working with Karen Korona in July 2010 and we worked together through eight months and roughly $24k.  When I first contacted her, I had the image of Kurt and Louis in my head.  I was seeking physical help and she assured me she could teach me to heal myself.  I believed that then and I believe that now, so that sounded great to me.  I expected a session when we had our first phone appointment, but she told me that she works during the night-time, while the patient is sleeping.  One part of me thought, “Suuuuuure she does.  That’s a pretty easy way to make $165 for an hour of sleep time.”  But my new friend said Karen had saved her life and had told me her story about how she even moved across the country to have closer access.  That’s how highly she thought of Karen.  So I figured I’d try it.

I couldn’t feel her work during the night, but I didn’t expect to.  I would wake up the following morning in a good bit of pain and she said it was detox, which was a reasonable explanation.  But that was only after she had asked how I felt.  Kind of seemed to me that, since she was the only one who knew what she did to me, she would know if I was experiencing pain or not.  But that didn’t seem to be the case.  I went to visit her in August for our first “intensive.”  That is where I get a motel room and pretty much spend the day with her for several days.  She did do hands-on energy work and we would do this for the mornings.  We’d break for lunch, then come back and do some Kundalini yoga.  She would give me visualizations to work on, sending energy to my organs in the right colors and with the right sounds.  I learned about chakras and how to clear them and keep them that way.  I was getting into an area that I really hadn’t sought.  I was there for physical healing, but this was quickly turning into something spiritual, which wasn’t exactly what I wanted.  Even so, there was enough truth, and similarity of belief, that I would just sift the wheat from the chaff, so to speak.  I’d take what I needed and leave the rest.  Cuz, no offense to anyone Hindu, but that ain’t me.  I have a hard enough time with one deity, much less hundreds.  I carefully chose my approach to those things like making sure I knew the meaning of any chants and, if they didn’t line up with what I believed, I didn’t chant them.

When we worked together, she could certainly do some energy clearing.  I could go into her house feeling like I was about to explode and, after an hour of her work, I felt like all was right with the world.  That woman was like energetic valium.  But one can’t just move in with her to stay in her energy field.  I was beginning to think she could be just as addictive as valium.  Since then I’ve come to the conclusion that perhaps I was just being brainwashed.  She was holding a couples and healing retreat, on Kauai, in October that year and John and I decided to go as well.  I have to say this was the highlight of my time working with Karen.  The two weeks we spent there were transformational in so many ways.

By the time we got to Hawaii, I wasn’t even sure I’d be able to travel.  My numbers were going up slowly and my body was going slowly down.  I was slowly dropping weight and getting weaker.  By October, I was pretty damn weak, but I managed to get there.  We would get up at 0530 for some morning meditations, then we would drink a cleansing beverage and reunite for a couple of hours of Karen’s Kundalini/pilates hybrid which was kickass!  Then we would have breakfast and have free time from about 11 to 3 each day, but that time almost always involved an assignment and limited communication like grunting … or silence.  Being in a group, in silence, or unable to use words, is a challenging exercise!  It sounds silly, but it really was an effective way to become aware of how much energy we waste, every single day, with just blabbering.  When your communication is constricted, you have to be very selective which words you put to voice because you have to choose the best ones to get your point across.  It emphasized how much of our communication was without thought.  Then we would have a group assignment in the afternoon, followed by meditation, followed by dinner, followed by us sitting on the floor listening to Karen teach.

The whole time there was enlightening and wonderful and strengthening, but again, I couldn’t be near her forever.  Well, I guess I could if I had had unlimited finances, but that was not the case.  As my disease progressed, and she kept telling me I was healing and I just needed to surrender, I told her that we had saved a certain amount of money for if I needed to go to a clinic.  We addressed this with her multiple times.  We were spending the money we had saved with her, but we were quickly coming to the end of it.  I asked her if, at any point, she saw that this was too much for us, she would tell me.  I could always go conventional and bring in more fire power.  She promised.  I believed her.  Despite what my ever-declining body was telling me.

The first quarter of 2011 brought about a cancer explosion in my body.  Everything blew up all at once.  Markers raced upward, belly pain was returning, fluid re-accumulating.  John and I were quickly running out of money as I was getting worse. We asked her if she would consider some pro bono, or half-price work at this point, but she wasn’t willing to do that despite the fact that I was getting sicker.  The fact was I was dying but no one said a word.

By April, I had been hiding out from my oncologist because I knew he’d slap me silly but I was trying to “get out of my head” and do things differently than I had ever done.  Now that it was apparent I was receiving no help from my healer, I asked the rest of the group for prayer and disconnected from Karen.  I finally had an appointment with Dr Headley on April 11.  I only returned home to pack clothes.  It was just that fast.  Hospital-bound and in more trouble than I’d ever been in in my life.

It was about this time I was reading on the CancerCured forum and there was a discussion on energy healers … are they real or not?  One woman had replied that a man named Kurt Peterson had saved her life and that I could read about him on CancerTouch, his website.  She had lung cancer.  I emailed and asked her if she would be willing to share her experience, cuz I needed help fast, especially seeing what ascites means!  She sent me her phone number, I called, and we chatted about him and her experience with him for a couple of hours.  When she first went to him, she was on oxygen and not able to do much.  Only a month after treatment, she was outside helping her husband move rock, which is a major miracle.  She just couldn’t talk about him enough.  Now, he don’t come cheap, but he was going to be in Vegas just a month away, and those sessions were subsidized by CancerTouch and the proceeds were going to charity, so they were discounted. He just happened to have one slot left.  Just another coincidence?  SOLD!

We headed to Vegas on Aug 2.  Vincent was laughing at me.  His scientific mind just couldn’t allow for something so woo woo.  What kind of energy?  How is it quantified?  Lord, I doanno!!!!  But something in me … that intuition that was beginning to take hold … said, screw it!  Let’s do it!  Vegas was a gambling town after all, wasn’t it?  So off we went, to the Luxor, to meet Mr Kurt Peterson.

One doesn’t really know what to expect an energy healer to look like.  Louis was kind of a hippy sort of guy … bandana-ed and barefoot … a free spirit.  This guy looked like my doctor!  He wore dress pants and a freshly pressed, button-down shirt and stood well over six feet tall.  A very engaging man, Kurt immediately put us at ease.  He sat us down in his suite, offered us coffee/tea/water and then we spent the first hour just chatting and getting to know each other.  Next I undressed to my undies, wrapped myself in a blanket, and spent the rest of the day on a cot in his suite, while my husband hung out with us.  The first thing he did was to “scan” me starting with my feet and working his way up to my head, one inch at a time.  Kurt can “see” the difference between cancerous and healthy tissue, so I say he’s a sort of human thermogram.  He sees cancerous tissue as one color and healthy tissue as another.  Anyway, that process took about an hour while he scanned and took notes.  Afterward, he reviewed with us what he had found.  It was pretty widespread throughout my abdomen and skeleton, which I already knew.

Then we went to work.  My only job was to lie there relaxed while he put his hands on the spots that needed his attention.  While Reiki energy is a light, balancing energy, this is a whole different animal.  I compare Kurt’s style of work with gamma knife radiation.  He can send energy right to the spot and zap it.  He talks about in his early days when he could send the energy, but he had no control of where it went … how deep or how shallow.  But then a Peruvian shaman mentor of his taught him how to send it to a specific depth in the body and no deeper.  He said that’s when things really changed in his practice and took his ability to help others to a different level.  He worked his way through all my hot spots, which took about an hour-and-a-half, then we took a break.  We repeated this sequence several times … until the areas in question had heated up to let him know they had had enough.  That took about eight hours total.  We broke every hour or so and had a very nice lunch in the suite together.

As I said earlier, I don’t feel energy going through me, so I had no way of knowing what had happened, or didn’t happen.  Except that we went down for dinner and, by about 7, I felt like I was going to fall asleep at the table.  I told John I needed to get back to the room.  I was dead asleep by 9:00, which is crazy for me as I don’t sleep well at all.  I slept until wee hours when I was awakened by intense abdominal spasming.  It finally subsided and I had planned to do a little shopping before we headed home the next day.  But I felt like I had been taking narcotics that whole day.  I didn’t shop one iota.  All I did was lie on the bed, watch tv, and sleep.  So while I had no idea what had just happened to me, something sure had upset my apple cart!

The next day we drove back to California and I felt fine from that point on.   The following week, I had my ascites fluid drained (paracentesis).  They sucked seven litres of fluid out of my belly and I was instantly 15 pounds lighter!  Hey, there’s a quick weight-loss regimen … 15 pounds in an hour!

You already know how end-stage ascites is considered.  Well here’s another factoid … you drain it and it comes right back.  Immediately.  This was the second time I had had this procedure and the first time, it was all back in place within 48 hours.  Not this time.  Two days came and went … no fluid.  A week … two … four … no fluid!  I knew I was on the right track. I had my labs drawn and my markers had dropped by half!!!!!  Oh my freakin heavens!!!  I had had nothing but numbers going up, up, up for the past two years!  And now?  This man puts his hands on me for 8 hours and bingo?  This was the first break I’d had in the cancer action.  This dropping continued thru the beginning of 2010.  All of my numbers had dropped into normal limits except for one.  And it was only 3 points out of range.  Kurt Peterson saved my life!  If there is any doubt about the legitimacy of energy healing, I’m here to tell you, it’s real.  At least in Kurt’s case.  If not for him, I would’ve passed in late 2009 or early 2010.  In February 2010, we trekked, once again, to Vegas to see Kurt because I was so close to remission and I was starting to stagnate just outside of remission.  He wanted to see if we could finish this thing off.  After my second treatment, some markers went up while others went down, so there was not much response at all that time.  But I was still pretty stable all the way through till May 2010.  I have affectionately named his modality “Kurtotherapy,” and let me tell you, it’s a damn sight easier than chemotherapy!

Of course, there are those to whom this may all seem like placebo.  I’ve heard that before.  But the only thing I have to say about that is placebo is based on belief in the modality.  I believed in Budwig.  I believed in everything I did with Vincent.  But nothing had made a dent until this.  Not the supplements, healing teas, cancer vaccines, trips to Mexico, nor the nutrition.  Sure they had done me good.  But they hadn’t stopped the big wheel from turning.  Ding, ding, ding … another big clue in my world.